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Friday, January 01, 2010

the year in bigotry

and it's just the first day of the year, too!

bluestem prairie:

according to today's waseca county news, gop-endorsed sd 26 candidate mike parry boasted at the recent gop endorsing convention in faribault:

he told delegates that, like them, he wants “a senator that is not worried about being politically correct....”
however, when progressives on twitter began to research and respond to parry's twitterstream, parry appears to have reversed himself about both his state of mind and political correctness.

after patrick timmons, who tweets as @mngopwatch, discovered a may 26 parry anti-obama tweet which timmons copied into his own tweetstream:

putting this here, in case he deletes it. rt @mikeparry read the exclusive on mr o in newsweek. he is a power hungry arrogant black man
parry began to scrub the posts being discussed on twitter. readers won't find all the tweets discussed in this post if they visit parry's twitterstream at http://twitter.com/mikeparry. to better read the screenshots, clink on the images in this post to access larger files.

and, tho it doesn't involve a politician, this story from thedenverchannel.com does concern a state employee using official state emails:

denver -- a 73-year-old colorado department of transportation supervisor is in hot water after forwarding a photoshopped image of president barack obama shining the shoes of sarah palin.

the e-mail, sent to at least four other cdot employees on dec. 22, contained a line that said, "it appears he has found his niche."

the e-mail was also sent outside the department and a person who received it complained to transportation department officials on tuesday…

the female cdot supervisor who sent the e-mail could face disciplinary action ranging from a written reprimand to a suspension, demotion or firing, according to crane. the employee is scheduled to meet with agency officials next week concerning the matter. she will then have a chance to respond in writing before a decision is made.
happy new year, bigots!
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I have a dipstick cousin who continues to send me offensive shit like that- even though I have asked him not to repeatedly.
This year I'm done with it, his e mails go direct to the trash. Not even going to bother to open them anymore.

Or as the Grateful Dead put it--
Ain't no time to hate

BTW that ugly photoshopped crap came out back during the primaries. It was offensive then, but is even more offensive, considering Miss Moose quit her only serious political job.
Mayor of Wasilla w a view of Russia is a weak political resume.

Reality is she'd never even get past security to be allowed to shine Obama- the Commander in Chief's shoes.
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