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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

will vancouver be a bang?

comments from left field wonders if there's some possible terrorism brewing for the 2010 vancouver olympics:

i would not be surprised if you were unaware of this story. there has been next to no press about it since the 2 tons of ammonium nitrate, twice that used in the oklahoma city bombing, showed up missing from a shipment bound for north vancouver.

with less than a month until the world’s eyes are b.c., mounties are still trying to account for missing ammonium nitrate.

two tonnes of the chemical compound, which has been used in several terrorist bombings, was originally reported missing to the rcmp on jan. 6.

kinder morgan, a pipeline and energy-storing company, had been transporting 6,000 bags of material from alberta to north vancouver when two bags could not be accounted for days before christmas.

the discrepancy was discovered when the shipment was moved by a third-party trucking company to a facility...
i have two questions at this point.

1) could this be a threat to the safety of the 2010 olympics which are only a couple weeks away?

2) why the hell is this story not all over the news?
well, it's all over this blog, at least.
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Well, of course it wouldn't be all over the Progressive side of the Internet. Progressives, after all, are Manly Men™ (and Womyn) who shrug off terrorist attacks as just another thing, as opposed to the bedwetting conservatives who worry about them. (It's not an attitude that's really consistent with shrieking in terror at the prospect that a neighbor might have a .22 pistol, but nowadays I just chuckle at that sort of thing; "consistent Progressive" is an oxymoron.)

Two tonnes of ammonium nitrate? A bagatelle. You couldn't even destroy two large buildings with that, and Vancouver has lots of large buildings which you're unlikely to be in when it goes up, anyway.

--and it's probably nothing. The other thing ammonium nitrate is good for is fertilizer. Two tonnes is about enough fertilizer for two to five hectares, a really big lawn or medium-sized "truck" field. Likely some BC farmer or rancher needed to improve the fields, or a rich guy wanted nice green grass on the estate, and resorted to Midnite Farm Supply. Look for a really lush lawn or extraordinarily productive vegetable farmer next spring, and you might run the culprit to earth.

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