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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i've never been a democrat or a republican...

but john cole, a republican-turned-democrat, wrote something the other day that summed up the way i've been thinking and feeling for a long time now, yet could never seem to express it this clearly and effectively:

...why is it that all the people who claim to be the base turn out to be self-serving, self-promoting jackasses who have very narrow agendas and love to inform us that if the obama administration does just what they want them to do right when they want them to do it, they will “keep the base.” otherwise, if they don’t fulfill their agenda right then and there, they will “lose the base "...


the “base” doesn’t abandon their president after a few months. the “base” doesn’t issue public threats in the middle of negotiations. hell, this president didn’t even have a honeymoon with his self-anointed “base”- he was being beaten up 24/7 before the inauguration over rick warren. it just went downhill from there.

and just for good measure...

the past couple of months, i’ve hated democrats more that i ever did when i was a republican.

i've written some angry lines over things obama has (and hasn't) done myself. one year into his presidency, i ain't impressed with the guy, i won't lie to you. but still, it's only been one year, and obama must have the worst occupation in the country right now, given what he inherited from bush the lesser and how uncooperative his fellow dems (particularly those in the senate) have been. there isn't some user's guide to the presidency he can leaf through -- he's still going through on-the-job training.

i don't envy him. i certainly don't hate him. i just wish he'd kick that "fierce advocate" aspect of himself he talked about repeatedly during his campaign into gear already. other than that, i don't really have any beef with obama, at this time.

the democratic legislators and card-carriers and the so-called progressives, on the other hand... sometimes i think that, deep down, they all much prefer being in the minority, where they can do what they apparently do best -- bitch and complain about the republicans. they get about as much done that way as they do when they're actually in control of congress.

thank heaven they have good intentions... :-/

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posted by Jim Yeager at 6:23 AM |


I'll call bullshit on this one.
Essentially, he's saying the Peace & Justice coalitions are "be self-serving, self-promoting jackasses".

Those who wanted Obama to do what he said he would do are now the bad guys?

I recently did a blog post titled "Broken Promises"- not so much an opinion piece, but actual film footage of Obama's promises & words- right from his mouth.

He said, if elected if we were not already out of Iraq, he would do so immediately - and added "you can take that to the bank"- ironically the banks were crumbling @ the time he was elected, but still, a year later, we are still in Iraq.

His very first official Executive order-- he said Gitmo was to be closed no later than Jan 22, 2010.

Well it is now January 26, and Gitmo is still open.

The Rick Warren thing was a kick in the shins to the gay community, who had worked so hard to help get him elected.

Don't Ask Don't tell is still on the books, and people who are gay are still being kicked out of the military for being gay.

Then there is the one war leads to another syndrome-- we are fully entrenched in Afghanistan,and dropping drone bombs in Pakistan.

These are not self serving items- these are life & death items, pain & suffering items. old Bush crapola items. and when the country is in financial ruins, items that are costing billions of dollars we need-- as they tell us we simply can't afford health care reform.

Not only has Obama kept bad Bush policies (warrantless wire tapping, wars, and extended the tax breaks for the rich) , but he still has old Bush administrators on his staff.
Gates, McChrystal & Bernanke,

His pledge of transparency went to hell in the HCR process, and shifted into closed door deal cutting.

I am true blue on the political spectrum- far left- but when someone promises transparency & does the exact opposite is not OK.

The continued illegal occupation in Iraq is not OK.
Denying gay rights as equal rights is not OK.
Dumping billions into wars in 3 different countries is not OK.
Letting the rich pay less taxes- not OK
Warrantless wiretapping not OK
Gitmo still up & running not OK.
Abandoning the public option is not OK

The list of broken promises has only grown in one year's time. I don't think these are "self serving" items at all. They are for the greater population and worldwide community.

If the only thing Congress can be bipartisan about is approving more billions for wars.... then we are one messed up country.

This new kid on the democratic block needs a clue.

Obama needs to clean house, get some fresh ideas, and walk the walk of promises made.
commented by Blogger Fran, 10:17 AM PST  
I'm with you, Skip... Barry is struggling mightily with a broken job and a totally undeserving electorate. Cracks me up how his detractors can say that he's a failed President on the one hand and yet completely block his plans on the other. Sucks.

I want him to bare his teeth and get tough, lead with force... I even sent him an e-mail saying as much. He's trying too hard not to be aggressive and seen as 'uppity', no matter that he's the Prez, he's got a horrible hill to climb.

Feeling blue, just wanting him to push... HARD. Fock the press, the Rethugs, the baggers... just DO IT.
commented by Blogger Oblio, 11:08 AM PST  
Fran is correct. The things we are for are not self-serving, ending the war and providing health care to people is not a game.
commented by Blogger mahakal, 11:41 AM PST  
"the “base” doesn’t abandon their president after a few months."

Are 12 months "a few", or do they equal a "year"? I thought they equaled a year, but maybe I'm just bad at using the calendar. Maybe I should just stick to using a colander, because watching Obama fail to lead is putting me under a great strain. (Get it? Colander? Strain? Comedy gold, I tell ya, comedy gold!)

I don't give a rat's ass whether Obama has lost his base. If the leftier among us are the Democratic base, they made idiots of themselves anyway by fooling themselves into thinking there was anything progressive about Obama. He's been serving his corporate masters like all the rest of the Democrats since day one. Maybe Bill Hicks was right about that film of the Kennedy assassination from an angle nobody has seen before. Maybe they have video of Paul Wellstone's airplane mechanic.

"Any quesions?"
commented by Blogger The Precious, 12:13 PM PST  
And now, we have him saying, essentially, that people who need the help of discretionary spending can go to hell (in the middle of a deep re/depression) but millionaires can't pony up a few tax dollars (in the middle of a deep re/depression).

Yeah, they lose the Massachusetts Senate seat because of an unlikable candidate who ran a horrid campaign against a media onslaught from right wing (and even sports) radio and all of a sudden its because of "health care". Therefore, since they didn't give them affordable health care, lets see how much more the can take from "discretionary spending".

Yeah, I know it's only been a year, and I didn't expect to have the problems solved. I just didn't think he would have given up on so much so soon (if he ever intended to do the stuff he promised at all).
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:31 PM PST  
And, as far as I can tell, the only thing Obama has actually done that wouldn't have been done by GWBush is appoint Sotomayor, and I could even see him appointing her, with a Democratic Senate.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:37 PM PST  
Obama needs to look at his history and learn not from just Bill Clinton or Lincoln but perhaps best look at Andrew Johnson and Chamberlain.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:37 PM PST  
"...why is it that all the people who claim to be the base turn out to be self-serving, self-promoting jackasses who have very narrow agendas and love to inform us that if the obama administration does just what they want them to do right when they want them to do it, they will “keep the base.” otherwise, if they don’t fulfill their agenda right then and there, they will “lose the base "..."
I also notice that this "brilliant' article doesn't actually address any of the complaints about Obama, just criticized people for criticizing Obama. I don't know why you, Jim, a normally smart guy, chose to tout this worthless article, but it is exactly that. Are the people criticizing Obama wrong? We don't know from the article, because that article is only about telling us how awful those people are as people, not whether their positions are wrong.
commented by Blogger The Precious, 8:15 AM PST  

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