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Monday, January 25, 2010

if you promise the veterans something

could you make freak'n sure you have someone to answer the phones? come on....what the h**l is going on in dc dem's minds? if you can make robo calls to ask for moolah for a candidate, you make damn sure you have someone helping a vet out on the other end of the line. where the hell is general shinseki?
if you have had trouble getting your question about gi bill benefits answered when you call the veterans affairs department’s education benefits call center, you are not alone.va officials acknowledged almost 90 percent of calls to the muskogee, okla., center never connected between october and december. they either got a busy signal or a message that the call could not be completed.

for those who did get through, about 30 percent of the calls were terminated before their question was answered, either because the caller hung up or was disconnected.- armytimes.com

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