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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

if corporations are people

why can't we put them in jail for criminal behaviour?

novartis will plead guilty to violating u.s. laws relating to potential off-label marketing and promotion of an epilepsy treatment and pay a $185 million fine, it said on tuesday.

the swiss drugmaker said its pharmaceuticals unit had been cooperating with parallel civil and criminal investigations by the u.s. attorney's office for the eastern district of pennsylvania into trileptal marketing and promotion.

the edpa was also investigating certain payments made to healthcare providers in connection with trileptal. - reuters

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Why not allow corporations to run for President? It'd save a lot of lobbying money:

commented by Blogger Chuck, 2:28 PM PST  
Corporations that commit capital offenses should get fines hefty enough to kill them.
commented by Blogger Phil, 3:35 PM PST  
Why fine corporations who commit felonies? Suspend their charter, instead of jail. Terminate their charter, when they commit a capital offense.

And go after the principals too.
commented by Blogger mahakal, 8:05 PM PST  
The whole point of jail is to a) protect society and b) punish the wrongdoer.
When a corporation commits a crime, it merely gets fined, which is simply passed on to the consumer, so that neither a nor b occur. Some system needs to be created where wrongdoing corporations are removed from society and deprived of the ability to make an income for a time for a time. As for the shareholders, perhaps if they cannot pay attention to the behavior of their employees, then they deserve to lose money when those employees commit crimes in the course of doing business (in a way, shareholders are accessories to the crime).
commented by Blogger daveawayfromhome, 11:58 PM PST  
When the Supreme Court(Republican)Of The United States (SCROTUS) rules on the 2nd amendment...the Bumper Strip will read Guns Don't Kill People, Corporations Kill People.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:33 AM PST  

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