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Sunday, January 24, 2010

environmental news stories sunday

rain rain went away...for the moment but water is still needed version

despite downpour, drought still with us. - the recent downpours have temporarily brought the state back from the dusty brink, but officials with the california department of water resources claim much more rain and snow will have to fall if the golden state is going to pull out of its drought - sfgate

' a lack of political will.' - malta's fresh water reserves are drying up. at the moment, the country is already depending on reverse osmosis plants for 57 per cent of its needs. yet 11 million cubic metres of water are still over-pumped from the aquifers annually. how long will the supply last? - valetta times

california's central valley: the appalachia of the west. - the central valley of california is one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the world. but this status is at risk because water is increasingly scarce - economist

zimbabwe: acute water shortages hit capital. - acute water shortages have returned to haunt large parts of harare over the past two weeks, leaving residents apprehensive about the possibility of outbreaks of cholera and other diseases - herare herald

'peak water' could flush civilisation. - early civilisations prospered by taming rivers, but as water gets scarce in some regions, populations rise and lifestyles remain the same, we might not be far from warring over water. - dublin irish time

india warned of sustained food price rises. - despite having the highest ratio of arable land to land mass in the world and abundant rainfall, india is losing the battle through poor ground water management and a lack of irrigation - london financial times

power cuts in venezuela lead to traffic gloom. - venezuela is in the midst of an electricity rationing program caused, according to the government, by acute water shortages at the main hydroelectric dam. added to the economic effects, the blackouts are also affecting the quality of life in the region - bbc

chile water authority fears future water shortages. - water shortages in one of chile’s prime agricultural districts have local fruit growers and government officials concerned. tierra amarilla and alto del carmen communities in Huasco have not experienced a drop of rain for over a year - santiago times

paris could become another venice with next flood. - one hundred years ago, the river seine burst its banks and filled the elegant boulevards of paris with torrents of muddy water. a similar flood these days would affect around a million inhabitants and cost 15 billion euros - reuters

state water glass 5 percent full. - with local officials bracing for rains that threaten to match the el niño deluges of 1982 and 1992, it’s surprising to learn that long-term water supplies for the south coast may be facing some serious challenges - santa barbara independent

debate over fracking continues. - wider use of hydraulic fracturing will help the united states increase its domestic energy supplies even as the practice draws concern about its possible impact on drinking water, exxon mobil corp. chairman and chief executive rex tillerson says - mcclatchy newspapers

disney draws plan for battle, - the walt disney co., one of l.a.’s biggest and most revered firms, is under attack in a half-dozen lawsuits claiming its toxins have seeped into a neighborhood park. - labizjournal

copper pipes could cause heart disease and alzheimer's. - copper pipes could cause people over 50 to contract alzheimer's disease and heart disease, a study has found. - london daily telegraph

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Steven Running's group at U of Montana always makes for fascinating reading:


We're also apparently nearing peak phosphate (for fertilizer); the easy deposits are running out.
commented by Blogger Chuck, 10:35 PM PST  
What are we supposed to replace the copper pipes with? PVC??
commented by Blogger mahakal, 3:36 PM PST  

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