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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(no) thanks for the mammaries

our good friends jill @ brilliant @ breakfast and blue girl both take issue w/the obama admin's recent 180 degree turn-about on preventative mammagrams.

jill wonders why more feminist bloggers aren't concerned:

pregnancy hasn't been a concern for me since 2005, but i still write about the importance of access to abortion and contraception. reproduction is an issue in my past, that i will never have to worry about again, at least not in this particular incarnation. but for the feminist bloggers in their twenties and thirties, this latest assault on women's health care is in your future -- and that future is coming faster than you can even imagine.

so why the silence? is it because this plan to ration health care services to older women is coming directly from barack obama's department of health and human services and you're afraid to criticize it? is this what we've come to, selling our own sisters down the river rather than criticize a democratic president?
and blue girl sez she's the exception that disproves obama's rule:

it took me a day to process the news that the guidelines for breast cancer screenings were being changed, nudged upward as we prepare to step into the era of health reform and cost controls. we are testing 1900 women unnecessarily in order to save one, the argument goes, and it just isn't worth it.

okay. tell it to the other 1899, but as for me? i don't care to hear it.

wanna guess which one of the 1900 i am?

i am the poster child for early detection. my brush with the disease was a non-event that cost less than ten grand to treat because of early detection and screening.
we agree. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of chemotherapy. we hate to even appear to seem like we think the repubbbs are making sense, but in this case they've seized upon this crappy (and ultimately sexist) decision to make their own looney points about rationing health care:

republican women house members, who convened a press conference this afternoon, see a dark side to the recommendations. “this is the wrong approach,” said rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers (r., wash.). “especially as we have been debating health care reform in america, it is concerning to us that these recommendations mirror policies in single-payer nations like england.”
of course, this logic is full of straw (wo)men and false binaries, but on the surface the gop could get some traction.
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I'm concerned.

And I was really concerned to see Susan Love on tv supporting this.

The major reason given not to continue to do breast self-exams, and not to do mammograms at 40 seemed to be -- avoiding the horrible harm of anxiety over maybe having to do a biopsy.

Which doesn't rate high on my damaging-kinda-anxiety scale. To say the least.

Haz the Big Pharma /DeathPanel Insura-Industra bought off Dr. Love?

Say it isn't so!
I read on the mudflats a while back, so forgive me if the details aren't perfect, that mammograms by high-risk people looking diligently were mocked by the technicians behind their backs because the radiation from the mammograms were likely to make the tumors. They recommended something like infrared or ultrasound, can't remember which. I have dense tissue and am 45, so I had a digital one last year and think I'm going to go back and look to see if it was ultrasound or infrared and do that. Incidentally, my mom was diagnosed with cancer today, but not breast cancer. We're waiting to hear more when she goes to the oncologist this coming Tuesday.
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All the examples that MSM trotted out about breast cancer were ones where the person (most in their 20's and 30's) found something and had a mammogram to check it out and confirmed that it was cancer.

The Never-Right has a point about this could cause rationing, but it will be the insurance companies doing the rationing (as always) based on this recommendation!!
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