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Friday, October 16, 2009

97 years old and homeless

welcome to the real america. cruel.
..."it makes me feel like i'm a bum," bessie said. "i don't mind living at the mercy of the public because some of the public is good -- they're nice to me. but there are some that are nasty. some of them laugh at me and my sign. they say they don't think i'm 97 years old."

reaching slowly into a pocket, she pulls out a laminated california state identification card that shows her date of birth: march 2, 1912.

los angeles police have warned her not to beg. and some passersby have turned to her sons, questioning why they cannot properly care for her. - latte times

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Sympathetic, we ain't.

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Yowza. Cats might be vicious, I mean that's how we earned our way into human company, by killing mousies and other critters that eat human foods and spread diseases, but at least we aren't cruel like you monkeys. Congratulations, America, on being the cruelest, most vicious gang of monkeys on the face of this planet.
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I am deeply saddened by Bessie's story. I am taking care of a homeless man right now. He has been to rehab for alcohol use and living in a sober men's facility in Houston now. He has been sober for 6 months. I have listened to his stories about being homeless and it touches your heart and makes you want to do more. I wish I could help Bessie too. I do not know how to reach her so if anyone knows, please write the information here. Come and see John, the man I help. He has a ustream show and website now.
Come leave and comment, watch his videos, be supportive of his accomplishments. He would love that.
God Bless Bessie, I hope someone from a church helps this lady and her sons.
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Please be careful these days, some people are not who they claim to be. The website and show below were created to hide the truth from getting out. Here is the real truth:


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