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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

military coup "to resolve the 'obama problem' " is not "unrealistic"

the "obama problem?" i'm sure the rabid right wingers at newsmax didn't translate it correctly from the original german. what they are more than likely referencing is the "final solution to the jewish problem/question."
there is a remote, although gaining, possibility america's military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the "obama problem." don't dismiss it as unrealistic. - newsmax columnist quoted by media matters
where do we draw the line of what constitutes treason? sedition? inciting riots? where are the republicans standing up and calling a stop to this hysterical chant advocating violence toward the president of the united states? where are the democrats calling for a stop to this? why is the corporate controlled media allowing this call to violence to be broadcast nationwide? worldwide?

these people aren't going to stop at the killing of healthcare for americans. they want to kill the president. they keep saying so in so many words. and not a peep from those elected officials sworn to protect the constitution. not a peep.

the lynch type killing of a census worker is just a start of the bloodshed advocated from the fringe right. where was the outrage from michelle bachman against this attack on american soil on an american by an american? there was no outrage. she endorses it with her silence.

there has been blood shed. i'm afraid here will be much more.

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Say it loud, "They want to kill the President." Say it because it is the obvious truth, although they'd settle for giving him the Clinton impeachment treatment just as well.
commented by Blogger gmoke, 10:16 PM PDT  
Ahhh.... memories:


You folks on the left opened the door and called it a joke. Who's laughing now?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:29 PM PDT  

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