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Sunday, September 20, 2009

environmental news story sunday

water news that seems to go down the corporate media news hole drain.

worsening water crisis in southern iraq drains hope for future. - water supply problems in southern iraq are escalating, with local officials warning of a humanitarian and political crisis, and residents claiming they are being prevented from fleeing parched land by security forces. - abu dhabi national

b.c. project in ethiopia means fresh water without long walk. - three quarters of ethiopians — approximately 64 million people, nearly double the population of canada — do not have local access to clean water. - vancouver sun

kenya's pain. - children are starving, cattle are dropping dead, crops are withered, lakes are empty, and still the rains haven't come. kenya is on the verge of a catastrophe of biblical proportions. is the once stable nation a warning to the world about the perils of ignoring climate change, government corruption, and global food and water shortages? - mongabay

keeping the breadbasket from drying up. - right now, america's bread basket relies on an aquifer that's nearly drained. and, many say, it will dry up if farmers keep pumping water from it at the current rate. so, the government plans to pay farmers as one way to get them to cut water use. - environment report

new study shows river runoff decreases in driest years in oregon, northwest. -in a warming world, scientists have told us to expect more rain and less snow. new evidence, however, suggests that both rain and snowfall may decrease across the region during dry years. increasingly severe droughts could intensify water conflicts - portland oregonian

israel mourns the dying dead sea. - the sea has, from a time beyond the memory even of the bible, been fed by that most famous of waterways, the river jordan. and therein lies the problem. today, by the time the river reaches its end, there is almost no water left, and dead sea is now shrinking at a terrifying speed. - bbc

some paw paw residents unhappy with coke plant as tainted water continues to cause problems. - the accumulation of juice wastes sprayed over more than 40 years on fields behind the coca cola north america plant, released naturally occurring iron, manganese and arsenic particles into groundwater. - kalamazoo journal

step up the pace on great lakes cleanup. - the report last week the cleanup of the most polluted sites on the great lakes is going so slowly that it will take 77 years to complete the job is disheartening to say the least. - sheboygan press

the crap shoot. - most people have about 0.14 grams of feces on their bottoms that, when rinsed off, can contaminate recreational water, according to the cdc. this suggests that d.c. pools have potentially hosted as much as 50 pounds of feces this summer. - washington city paper

polluters exploit lax oversight. - the obama administration, which has pledged to build a stronger environmental record than its predecessors, needs to reinvigorate the nation's commitment to upholding the standards of the clean water act and ensure that all states are enforcing the law. - hamilton roads virginian pilot

gov't stands by as mercury taints water. - abandoned mercury mines throughout central california's rugged coastal mountains are polluting the state's major waterways, rendering fish unsafe to eat and risking the health of at least 100,000 impoverished people - the ap

gender-bending fish widespread in the u.s. - a survey of "feminization" of fish finds that a large percentage of male bass are producing egg cells. scientists suspect this abnormal phenomenon is the result of synthetic chemicals in water that mimic the behavior of female hormones - npr

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commented by Blogger Fran, 10:38 AM PDT  
That last article on gender bending fish makes me wonder if that's the way to tackle the issue. That if our water and food supply will turn our boys into girls and manly men into girly men, the homophobic might join the environmental cause. You'd triple the number of American environmentalists overnight.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:01 PM PDT  
The news on water never stops. I had been following it for quite a while when I ran into JanforGore on Current TV : the coverage is impressive and scary. A short while back they started up a club devoted to water news!
The news front at Care2 likewise came up with any number of finds which defy sense.
Years ago I had already run into articles on Grist and at Blue Bloggin dealing with ag chemicals from CAFOs in the water supply.
So I started collecting. It won't touch the impact of Flow ..or Home by the Home Project : but I have 'stuff'.
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commented by Blogger opit, 6:40 PM PDT  
One of the huge issues of this century.
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 9:53 AM PDT  
commented by Blogger cute crystals, 12:47 AM PDT  

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