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Thursday, August 20, 2009

why do republicans hate americans?

why do republicans hate americans? hate them with a red hot passion they must. look at how they spend american taxpayer money. when they were in control and had carte blanche they spent trillions on tax cuts that mostly ended up in offshore investments and overseas bank accounts. now, when they have a chance to help americans by spending less than $100 billion a year on health care for americans who will die without health care they are doing everything they can do stop it. why do republicans hate americans so?

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posted by George at 9:16 PM |


I have a question. Why do you not know how to capitalize? Use proper English please, it's the official language of the United States of America.
Secondly, you're argument lacks any logic whatsoever, and you sound ignorant with your ramblings that arrent connected in anyway.
Thirdly, I am offended at your accusations. Although I do not subscribe to any party (have voted Democrat and Republican at every election). You offer nothing but a hate filled message and should refrain from any further contributions unless they are productive. Thanks.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:41 PM PDT  
Secondly, you're argument

It's "your," not "you're."

that arrent connected

It's "aren't," not "arrent."

Use proper English please. It's the official language of the United States of America.

Thank you.
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 12:42 AM PDT  
It isn't that Republicans hate Americans (unless they get in the way of corporations and their profits). It's that they love, love, love corporations, big business and profits. And the bigger the profits, the better.

Oh, and they don't like people who don't think the way they do.

And they don't like calm, intelligent, rational discussions, especially if they're based on facts and truly hard statistics.

Mo Rage
The Blog

(and I don't care about your grammar. there are "bigger fish to fry", to me).
commented by Blogger PFL0W, 7:57 AM PDT  
And if anyone disagrees with you, Skippy, on this post, they should go to this link:


Mo Rage
The Blog
commented by Blogger PFL0W, 8:03 AM PDT  
Thank you Jim for saving me the trouble.

George, these are the same people who approve of openly carrying guns and assault rifles at political rallies. I'm all for gun rights, to a point, but there's no question that these are meant as scare tactics to intimidate the opposition. Americans approving of terrorizing their fellow Americans for political gains. These are the same people who believe the Democrats are trying to take away their rights. And yet how many people were arrested for anti-Bush signs and tee shirts who weren't even inside Bush NO free speech zones?
commented by Anonymous sean, 8:13 AM PDT  
No, your an. Arguement...No, you're an argument....
Those pesky e's .... Just Where Do Thay Go???

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:35 AM PDT  
The United States of America has absolutely NO "official" language. Either show me the law that backs up your asinine claim or go toss a tea bag somewhere.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:56 AM PDT  

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