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Sunday, August 30, 2009

while goldman sachs rakes in the money

they're kicking americans out of their homes....
....mccloskey and cheverez, 61, share something in common: both tried to modify their mortgages with litton. now they are homeless with their credit ruined.

litton, based in houston, texas and owned by goldman sachs, handles the operations aspects of consumer loans including sending out statements, receiving and tracking payments, notifying consumers of overdue payments and initiating foreclosure proceedings.

consumersaffairs.com has received dozens of consumer complaints -- including cheverez and mccloskey -- stating that litton promised loan modifications, but the process dragged out and they were told months later that they did not qualify. - consumeraffairs

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You think there is ANY chance that the creeps that run those places give a tinkers damn about the homeless???
goldman sachs - sacks of gold, man
commented by Blogger Distributorcap, 11:08 AM PDT  
This is the culmination of the initial plan which used the incredibly long-term low interest rates (courtesy of Goldman backer Alan Greenspan) to propel the new scams of the finance/bankster institutions (bad loan givers and ultimate receivers of all your savings).

They made money all the way up.

And down.

They own us.


Don't doubt it.


Thanks, Skippy!

they're kicking americans out of their homes....
commented by Blogger Suzan, 11:24 AM PDT  

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