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Thursday, August 27, 2009

town hall-lelujah

via the brad blog, here's a youtube of the virginia town hall where anti-abortionist and all around pain in the ass randall terry was shouted down and escorted out of the meeting, much to the delight of the majority of the crowd:

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It Does have a good "Finally!!" feeling to it but you have to know that it will play right (pun) into the ass-clowns plans...
NOW they can say that their freedom of speech is not allowed and such...
But still....it does feel good. :)
As someone who was there (and who's good friends with the Obama lady shouting in Randall Terry's face), I have to say it was quite gratifying to have him announced as what he is and forced to leave.

And you couldn't hear it well here, but Moran offered Terry a chance to ask the first question and talk for five minutes if he would sit down and be civil; he didn't take him up on the offer. And you should have heard the boos from the crowd when Moran offered him a chance to speak! We were pretty much all glad to see him leave.
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