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Friday, August 21, 2009

no wonder they don't believe in climate change

they simply don't believe that science is involved in weather. it's all god's doing.
town hall reports that (gov. charlie) crist was speaking to a group of real estate agents, and credited prayer notes in the western wall in jerusalem with preventing his state from being hit by hurricanes during his time as governor. - talking points memo
i'm sure governor too tanned for his own good is now putting prayer notes to add an "h" to his last name just in time for his run for president.

the republicans are showing the world we are a stupid, stupid people.

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No wait, I get it.... He was just meaning that the GOP is way ahead in chaos theory ...a piece of stupid paper being placed in a crack in an ancient wall stops the stray air current that would have otherwise resulted in a huge storm across the globe...

Nothing dumbassed about that...

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