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Monday, August 24, 2009

i know nosseng! nosseng!

"ho-gaaan!!! gen. burkhalter,
so happy to see you!!!"

when is a vacation not a vacation? maybe, when it's not voluntary? tvnewser:

tipsters inside fox news tell us glenn beck's vacation this week from his fox news show was not planned. we hear beck was told to take this week off to let some of the heat surrounding him die down. that heat began july 28 on "fox & friends" when beck said he thought pres. obama has "a deep-seated hatred for white people," adding, "this guy is, i believe, a racist."
forced? maybe, maybe not:

update: sources close to beck have contacted tvnewser denying that this was a forced vacation. beck's personal publicist matthew hiltzik forwarded us an email dated july 14th sent by christopher balfe, president & coo of mercury radio arts and general manager of beck's radio show, addressed to mercury radio employees reading:

glenn will be off of radio & tv the week of august 17th, returning to air august 24th.

contrary to that, our tipsters tell us it was beck himself who was telling fox staffers last week that he was "forced to take the week off."
who knows, who cares? as long as he keeps mixing visual metaphors by posing for book covers wearing inexplicable german uniforms, we're happy.

and, glenn, about the title of your new tome? it takes one to argue w/one...
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Of all the possible book cover ideas, Beck had to pick the dumbest. Maybe the appropriate subtitle for his book would be "Takes One to Know One".
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