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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

get beck to where you once belonged

33 sponsors have pulled their spots from the col. klink glenn beck show:

a total of 33 fox advertisers, including walmart, cvs caremark, clorox and sprint, directed that their commercials not air on beck's show, according to the companies and colorofchange.org, a group that promotes political action among blacks and launched a campaign to get advertisers to abandon him. that's more than a dozen more than were identified a week ago...

the clorox co., a former beck advertiser, now says that "we do not want to be associated with inflammatory speech used by either liberal or conservative talk show hosts." the maker of bleach and household cleaners said in a statement that is has decided not to advertise on political talk shows.
clorox? paraphrasing a comment we read on another thread elsewhere: you know it's bad when glenn beck can't even hold onto the people who makes things whiter.
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Seriously....it is why I quit even noticing that the guy was on the air...he is just so completely full of hateful bullshit that it isn't worth the effort it takes to keep from kicking in the TV to listen to his smarmy - smug - self satisfied crap...
And yet, I hear that Seattle is going to give him a key to the city...
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tell me that Seattle thing isn't true

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