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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fair warning: contains foul language...

{author's note: i held out as long as i could. the dream is over. -- jy}

truth be told, i didn't really want to embed this one on someone else's blog. and i'm still not sure why i've done it. is it because i don't care anymore? is it because i care too much? or do i just not know what else to do or say at this point?

maybe it's because posting nothing but music clips only goes so far. it's a great way to unwind while taking a break from all the political nonsense, especially during an odd-numbered year. but that's all it amounts to -- it's easy to think that you're finished with the political blogging scene when in fact you're just taking a really long break, and deep down, you know it.

the mid-term elections will be over sooner than you think, and then we'll be hearing of virtually nothing but what i call "the son of the two-year root canal" -- two years of totally unnecessary presidential campaign coverage until the morning after election day 2012.

well, guess how i'll be voting in 2012. i'll give you a hint: i never thought i'd feel this way this far down the road, but i'm glad i voted for ralph nader in 2000. democrats have told me that it was people like me who cost al gore the election -- and i used to believe that. then i remembered one salient fact: i'm not a conservative ideologue sitting on the us supreme court. so no, it wasn't my fault gore lost to bush. of course, if gore had won his home state's electoral votes, he would have won the presidency as well.

and i wouldn't have to say to people now, "maybe my guy never stood a snowball's chance in hell of winning, but at least my vote counted." given the way things have gone this year, and that i see no evidence that things will change for the better no matter what the voters voted for last year, i've decided that i like it better when the guy i vote for loses. that beats the hell out of seeing your hopes raised only to be dashed.

goodbye, democratic party -- and good friggin' luck.

my 2 cents...

* * *

oh, and one other thing...

can someone please explain to me why the audience is clapping and cheering in that george carlin clip above? shouldn't they be screaming bloody murder instead?

what gives?

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posted by Jim Yeager at 6:17 AM |


Jim you have to laugh to keep from losing it permanently to screaming insanity...
A calm mind comes from happiness and happiness can be easily reached from laughter.
They are applauding what George is saying because it so encapsulates what they are thinking..
It is laughter of recognition and relief that They are not alone...
Makes you wonder why the GOP are so unhappy all the time...
Oh, right THEY ARE ALONE...
Screaming isn't real anymore either. We learned that lesson when the wingtards infested the town hall meetings.

To take a page from their slimy book, perhaps a revolution is called for. But not the 'Red Dawn is coming to my back yard' wet dream the frantic wingnuts have been screaming about but the one that takes the corporate goons down from their pedestals and tosses them into the bay with their tea.

Americans were bruised, battered but not beaten after WWII. They got a opportunity to excel through the GI Bill and build the Great Middle Class. But in our rush to get ahead, we created a monster. This 'Corporate Creature' has many names and many tentacles. It stands over us every day from Wall Street. It feeds on our livelihood, our well being, our sense of security. It wants every dime we earn and only gives back what it shits out the other side.

It's taken over every congresscritter and every hall of our government. Its tentacles reach from Wall Street to Pennsylvania Avenue and is barreling down Main Street.

It's larger than the combined might of our armed forces. It has more resources than most of the countries in the UN. It used to be afraid of us, the Consumer. It would do anything to keep us from knowing what it was up to. Its evil was done only in shadowy rooms under the guise of law or supply and demand. But now the Corporate Creature commits its crimes in the sunlight, in full view of all, challenging us to stop it.

How do we fight that?
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 10:31 AM PDT  
Ess: A sense of humor only goes so far, too. You can make fun of everything. But that doesn't everyhing should be made fun of.

David: I'll have to get back to you on that...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 2:20 PM PDT  
Gore lost TN because of the "excellent ground work" performed by the state in eliminating potential D voters dipshit. Had a few Nader voters in NH or FL or one other state I have forgotten voted for Gore he would have won. So you are glad you voted for that phoney piece of shit so we could have 8 years of unfettered Bush rule? Fuck you, the horse you rode in on & all your decedents for 10 generations you useless moron. Kindly go to hell & avoid commenting on any poor performance of the current administration when you are so smugly satisfied with the outcome of 2000.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:29 PM PDT  
Ooo, you fixed my little red wagon, didn't you? Like I didn't already have enough reasons to toss the Democratic Party onto the same ash heap I tossed the GOP five years ago. It's getting harder and harder for me to tell folks like you apart from your wingnut counterparts. Thanks a million for that.

Have a nice life, whoever you are...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 4:28 AM PDT  
Apparently Jim's feelings about his elected officials are more important to him than the lives of the US soldiers and Iraqi citizens lost in a thoroughly useless war.

I imagine the dead of Iraq staring up from the ground in wide-eyed horror at the insensitivity and self-indulgence of this post.

Sometimes I think Nader voters (whose votes for Nader were understandable if misguided) are treated unfairly by liberals.

That is until a post like this reminds me of said voters complete unwillingness to acknowledge (or perhaps, in this case care about)the deeply negative consequences of their vote.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:36 AM PDT  
That's it, I've had it...

Who are you, and just what the fuck do you think you're trying to say? I voted for John Kerry in 2004, took part in three marches against the war in Iraq later on, screamed my goddamned head off to see Bush impeached for his crimes against humanity for years, and came closer to having a complete nervous breakdown over the futility of it all than I care to admit. Obviously I didn't do enough to make things right. But guess what, asshole -- neither did you.

So fuck you, too.

By the way, I've been to Arlington Cemetery. And what I've seen there is burned into my memory forever. How dare you equate their sacrifices for our country with my frustrations with the Democrats? How dare you?
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 8:44 AM PDT  
"Sometimes I think Nader voters (whose votes for Nader were understandable if misguided) are treated unfairly by liberals.".....

Puleeezzz....... You Child.
Nader voters were acting out of childish pique just as the man they were voting for was...
Simple as that jerk-weed.


You are obviously just looking for a public leg to piss on so ..Shoo puppy dog.!!!!
so I only left the first comment - its 'you folks' not just 'you'. Let me get this straight though: you voted for the guy that publicly said he wanted Bush to win - its on tape. You voted for a guy that WANTED Bush to win yet you CLAIM to have tossed out the Rs years ago. Try not to twist whats left of your brain into too much of a pretzel defending that.

You want to leave the Ds? When were you ever part of them seriously. Do you caucus with them & try to push out bluedog-ese dirtballs? Too hard for you I would guess. You stand on a street corner and shout against the war and pretend that is enough. When the magic D fairy doesn't make the world perfect you say it justifies your original stupidity. It does not. Part of the reason the Ds are so spineless is because people like us that have been working for years to get better dems are consistently abandoned by whiners who don't get everything they want exactly when they think they should have it. You know, morons that say things like there is no difference between Gore & Bush and when the painful, obvious to anyone paying attention, truth is fully revealed for 8 excruciating years pretends that a trip to Arlington and a few days of protest gives them the right to whine about crappy Dems who have to protect themselves from people not bright enough to know the difference between Gore & Bush with even a casual study.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:31 PM PDT  

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