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Sunday, August 30, 2009

environmental stories sunday

hot off the press....news that is burning to be noticed.

huge fires raging uncontained are in la canada-flintridge (threatening thousands of homes, nasa's jpl and mt. wilson observatory, along with broadcast/communication lines into/out of lala) and yosemite.

wells in the acreage: shallow drilling risking quality?. - thousands of private wells in a palm beach county subdivision have been drilled illegally, without permits, and many are so shallow that homeowners are exposed to health risks from both inside and outside their homes, a palm beach post investigation has found - palm beach post

pipes may leak lead. - santa clarita valley water agencies said they don't use pvc pipes, which recent studies have shown to leech lead into the water they carry, but the inexpensive plastic piping has become popular in the construction of new homes, officials said. - santa clarita signal

bottled water firms turn to scare tactics. - aides working for bottled water producers are planning to use scare tactics to protect falling sales in scotland by attacking the quality of tap water supplied to consumers.

rain tests water rules. - constant rain and financial hardship have both exposed a major problem facing municipalities around albany county: sewer systems that are often overrun by heavy rain and governments that don't have the millions of dollars needed to upgrade often antiquated systems - albany times union

india's generation of children crippled by uranium waste. - their brains never grew, speech never came and their lives are likely to be cut short; these are the children it appears that india would rather the world did not seeā€”the victims of a scandal with potential implications for coal-fired power plants. - london observer

xcel fire near georgetown brings charges. - three companies and two executives were indicted by a federal grand jury in denver for violating workplace safety and health rules that led to the deaths of five men at the cabin creek hydro plant near georgetown in october 2007 - denver post

two companies, 2 execs indicted in tunnel deaths. xcel energy, rpi coating inc. and two rpi executives face criminal charges in the deaths in a federal indictment that alleges they knew about the danger and did nothing about it. - ap

perriello, area groups contradict lobbying firm. - the office of u.s.. rep. tom perriello and several charlottesville groups are disputing statements submitted by a washington lobbying firm to a congressional committee investigating a phony letter scandal. - charlottesville daily progress

voyage confirms plastic pollution. scientists have confirmed that there are millions of tonnes of plastic floating in an area of ocean known as the north pacific gyre. - bbc

water shortage wilts calif.'s san joaquin valley. - after three years of drought, california's legendary water wars are flaring once again. farmers blame the area's blight on a "man-made drought" brought on by increasingly strict environmental regulations, but that is only the beginning of the story - newsweek

water shortage threatens two million people in southern iraq. - a water shortage described as the most critical since the earliest days of iraq's civilisation is threatening to leave up to 2 million people in the south of the country without electricity and almost as many without drinking water. - london guardian

10,000 homes are threatened. - the unstoppable angeles national forest fire threatened 10,000 homes saturday night as it more than tripled in size and chewed through a rapidly widening swath of the crescenta valley, where at least 1,000 homes were ordered evacuated - latte times

Time Lapse Test: Station Fire from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

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The article 'India's generation of children crippled by uranium waste.' is embarrassingly craptacular. Not the first of which of all the things to cause large numbers of birth defects, Uranium wouldn't be on the top of anyone's list. Pesticides and other sorts of industrial pollution yes. Second because it has lots of anecdotal cases, but no hard numbers and no one with any training is mentioned as a source.
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