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Thursday, August 27, 2009

the 59th street bridge song

one of the memes that the forces of darkness are pushing is that congress is moving too quickly on health care reform, trying to pass legislation in a rush.

fdr first considered a national health in the 1930s. lbj signed medicare into being in 1965. numerous other countries have had single payer plans for decades. ted kennedy, may he rest in peace, fought to pass universal health care for decades. the last serious run at it in this country took place in the eraly 1990s, a decade and a half ago.

what the hell is this "rush" they keep blathering about? we're decades behind time.

and now, a musical interlude:

and now, the 59th street bridge song as performed by mark easley:
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I have to link to this; that used to be my happy song!
commented by Blogger D., 8:29 AM PDT  
That's a happy song for a lot of people. It's, well, a happy song.
commented by Blogger DBK, 11:07 AM PDT  

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