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Saturday, July 18, 2009

rethuglicans care so much for cbo numbers now

but they had utmost disdain for them in the past. hmmmm...wonder why.

throughout the course of the bush years, the republican party, which now puts its stock in the cbo's numbers, continuously marginalized the organization for its accounting.

when the cbo predicted in 2004 that bush's new tax and spending proposals would produce deficits of $2.75 trillion over ten years, a spokesman for the white house office of management and budget declared that ''even cbo would admit we don't honestly know what these numbers will look like 10 years from now.''

that same year, the bush administration pushed forward with its plans for medicare part d despite the fact that its internal cost estimates were $139 billion more than those offered by the cbo. republicans on the house ways and means committee had worked diligently to defeat the attempts of their democratic colleagues to make those estimates public.

in a similar vein, conservatives were beside themselves when the cbo refused to run the 2004 bush tax cuts through various economic models to see if the government could, in the end, make money by stimulating spending. rather, the cbo used a "static" method and found $1.2 trillion worth of deficits through the next decade. republicans, naturally, largely ignored the findings. - huffpo

and, might i add, if the rethuglicans really cared about costs, why did they have the cost of the iraq occupation "off the books" so the public couldn't see how much it was costing?

it is also worth noting that the cbo originally looked at an incomplete bill. they have now modified their estimates as they now have figured in revenue streams that were not figured into their first estimate. how do you like them numbers, now, eh?
the congressional budget office (cbo) released estimates this evening confirming for the first time that h.r. 3200, america's affordable health choices act, is deficit neutral over the 10-year budget window - and even produces a $6 billion surplus. cbo estimated more than $550 billion in gross medicare and medicaid savings. more importantly, the bill includes a comprehensive array of delivery reforms to set the stage for lowering the future growth in health care costs.

net medicare and medicaid savings of $465 billion, coupled with the $583 billion revenue package reported today by the house committee on ways and means, fully finance the previously estimated $1.042 trillion cost of reform, which will provide affordable health care coverage for 97% of americans. - yubanet (h/t think progress)
now...let's sit back and listen to the republican talking points blasting this report go onto the airwaves.

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I remember during the Bush administration the CBO had a report about the dangers to the economy that were represented as strong possibilities by continuance of Bush policies...the GOP directed their talking head chorus to begin lambasting this office as "Unreliable" and "not having all the facts"...and "possibly working for the Democrats"...

But NOW apparently it is just right...

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