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Sunday, July 05, 2009

palin 2012...somebody else 2014!

apparently there are no pending indictments, if you can believe the fbi...latimes:

despite rumors of a looming controversy after the republican governor's surprise announcement friday that she would leave office this month, some of them published in the blogosphere, the fbi's alaska spokesman said the bureau had no investigation into palin for her activities as governor, as mayor or in any other capacity.

“there is absolutely no truth to those rumors that we're investigating her or getting ready to indict her," special agent eric gonzalez said in a phone interview saturday. "it's just not true." he added that there was "no wiggle room" in his comments for any kind of inquiry.
and, just to prove how much out of the spotlight palin wants to get, she's threatening lawsuits. that'll keep her out of the public eye! alaska daily news:

gov. sarah palin's personal attorney issued a statement saturday denouncing rumors that palin resigned because she is under criminal investigation and threatening legal action for publishing "defamatory" material about the governor…

van flein's letter threatening legal action specifically pointed the finger at alaska blogger shannyn moore as "most notably" claiming as "fact" that palin resigned under federal investigation.

van flein, asked why he singled out moore, said it's because she went on national television and talked about it. moore was on with msnbc's david shuster on friday, the day palin said she will resign.

"there is a scandal rumor here that there is a criminal investigation into some activities and that's been rumored for about, i don't know, probably six weeks or two months," moore told him.
so maybe, just maybe, we have to take palin @ her word when she says she just wants to...uh, whatever she said yesterday. play basketball, we think. she has no ulterior motive for being a quitter, she's just naturally a quitter. makes sense to us.

so perhaps she actually is eyeing a run on the white house (like a run on a bank?) in 2012.

looks like we still have sarah palin to kick around anymore.

meanwhile, we agree w/akmuckraker @ the huffpo, who sez palin's legal parry could ultimately backfire, if we may mix weaponry metaphors:

using the substantial might of the executive branch of government to bring down unenforceable legal threats on a private citizen in alaska, and attempting to curtail free speech through intimidation on the fourth of july? not a particularly brilliant pr move. by specifically singling out and naming moore, palin has done two things; she has shown herself to be a reactionary immature politician, and she has made shannyn moore a lot better known. and she is not the only one in sarah palin's crosshairs, mind you. you stand warned huffington post, new york times, msnbc and the washington post! you just better knock it off!

the new york times and washington post haven't written anything about this, but van flein said he believed they were asking questions. "what i've been informed is that they've been interviewing people in wasilla about this, and have tried to interview the governor's parents about it," van flein said.
ok, in the case of the new york times and the washington post, you'd better stop even thinking about asking questions about it.

in solidarity with my friend and fellow alaskan blogger, may i be the next to report to the team of palin-van flein, and to the entire blogosphere at large:

there are rumors.

there. i said it.

sue me.
(thx & a tip o' the kangaroo tail to memeorandum for the links!)
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Just to nip the stuff before it gets worse, I will repeatish my comments from downsite in case few noticed:

Like I posted at Kos, the "tummygate" pics are a dangerous avenue - especially since the picture seems to be, and is "said to be" 8yo Piper and not 14yo Willow (as implied?)! Skippy, do you concur? That still doesn't tell us what the pic "means" but now it's really, really not good to follow that path ...

For example, see discussion at http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/2009/07/senator-begich-on-palins-resignation.html, where they say it is Piper. That thread also has lots of interesting scoop.

Note that it could even be a trick, really weird - but maybe the poor girl was tricked into wearing some padding to stimulate speculation and confusion with Willow - to cause trouble for Palin critics? Commenters on our side even, are already ragging on refs to this picture, and they say it's Piper!

Remember that weird and controversial Kos diary about Sarah Palin's pregnancy issues, that was embarrassing? Some astute observers said it was a false flag issue.

(Or maybe, the younger girl is just chubby and/or leaning outward some - in any case let this go, please! It wasn't a good idea IMHO to put a reference over at WaMo, assuming that was you. Your other stuff is often interesting, have to know "when to fold 'em"...)
commented by Anonymous delver, 11:01 AM PDT  
"using the substantial might of the executive branch of government to bring down unenforceable legal threats..."


The letter was from Palin's private attorney (not, e.g., the AK Attorney General, which Palin will soon no longer have at her disposal anyway), and any suit would be citizen to citizen (or citizen to business entity), with no executive branch involvement.

It's unlikely Palin will sue, but it's nice to be reminded every once in a while that even public figures have the right not to be defamed (even though it's an almost theoretical right, because of the "actual malice" burden.)
commented by Anonymous Brian, 11:11 AM PDT  
For the record, I agree with delver.
commented by Anonymous Mike Goldman, 12:00 PM PDT  
The main difference between Sarah Palin and me: when I quit on everybody, I try my best to explain why in a coherent fashion. What the hell was she trying to say in that press conference in which she announced she was stepping down as governor? I took note of the basketball reference, too, and I was goin' "Huuuh?!" She's even wackier than I am -- no small feat there...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 12:29 PM PDT  
as i stated earlier, i simply posted a screen shot (which, i may point out, someone else enlarged).

i also labeled it as a rumor (or, to be more precise, a "thousand" rumors).

i also mentioned in the comments that it very well could be just the way the kid's jumper fell along the curvature of her arms.

i also mentioned that mrs. skippy rightfully pointed out that if the girl actually was pregnant, her breasts would be bigger.

i certainly don't think it's worth building conspiracy theories over.
commented by Blogger skippy, 1:28 PM PDT  
OK I'll believe you, I just wanted to warn people about this. (And it's been other places too as I noted.) Also I wasn't sure you realized it was Piper instead of Willow. Yeah, creepy conspiracy theories are best left to the right (so to speak), but do believe in the ones about financial playahs!
commented by Anonymous delver, 2:36 PM PDT  
The main diff tween Palin and. Me...She is a bitch...sue me.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:11 PM PDT  
I did my part already, I wrote governor Sanford of South Carolina to ask if his Argentine love could find a blind date for Sarah, preferably in Patagonia.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:33 PM PDT  

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