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Thursday, June 04, 2009

skippy's now occasional nite music club - a capella version

our mistake! we could have sworn the music for the new prius commercial --

was sung by the roches:

but we were wrong (it happens). it's none other than petra haden & the sell outs, shown here singing journey:

gee, we wonder where fox got the idea for glee?

they're all good, of course, but they're not the bobs

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So,...that guy doing bass for the "Bobs" must have a set the size of a bull.....
Other than that admittedly titulating observation I must object to ANYONE tasking one of Rocks very real Holy Songs and doing... THAT.. :)
I mean ...'cmon dood,...it's Cream for the love of Mike (my dog Mike..he likes being loved)...
AND BTW... what the hell happened to Steve Perry??? I admit to never being a Journey fan, oh the Missus was huge into them...but I will agree that that man was a powerhouse...and then...where did he go???
While I did not object to the "Glee"...I think it took a couple of people to hold down a vocal part that he seemed to handle all alone with ease...
Mr. Perry is rumored to be in the studio recording new material.

And yes, he does have a phenomenal voice. (I think.)
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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:36 AM PDT  
skippy, I apologize for being m.i.a. in skippyland lately ...

"Summer" is almost here and I've been enjoying Teh Great Outdoors, weather permitting. As my helpful neighbour pointed out, the days grow shorter again in just a few weeks.

Oh, did I mention, snow is forecast for tomorrow ...

In the meantime ... I'm always around, sweet skippy ;)
commented by Anonymous calgarylady, 5:24 PM PDT  
Calgary Chick...you know...there are warmer places to live...
I am betting tho that you are a fireplace fan and like snugglin a lot... :)
I frequently think about warmer climes ... after wondering why I live here in the first place ... *sigh*

Ooh yes, snuggling is always fun ... ;)
commented by Anonymous calgarylady, 7:45 PM PDT  
I've been all over the net tracking down Roches music and I come back to thank you and run right into The Bobs, You probably won't remember me, you gave me a real nice shout-out a while back, and I appreciate it I think of myself as a kind of music man, I know more music than anything else but for some reason I keep getting turned on to "new" stuff. I invariably run it on my blog with a thank you and a link. I'll be busy tonight. I usually run clips that make some sort of comment or somehow contribute to a nooze clip I'm running, but a lot of times I'll be so excited about a piece of music that I just run it, balls to the wall so to speak. Tonight's gonna be one of those nights. Thanks again. diamonded@bebopvideos.com
commented by Anonymous edward chatham, 9:12 PM PDT  
Ooh yes, snuggling is always fun ... ;)

I Know....heheheh

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