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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

she fixed him...

question of the day: what's the funniest thing you've ever seen on youtube?


posted by Jim Yeager at 7:34 AM |


It would have to be the quartet of new babies all laughing at their daddy...
The very definition of "Belly Laughing"...
That's my favorite!!
commented by Blogger nunya, 10:16 AM PDT  
Take that, honky! Jeezus, what's that car made of, garbage can lids? Anyway, good luck resetting the airbag.

I thought that the "Trunk Monkey" videos Just an Earth-Bound Misfit posted on her blog a few days ago were pretty funny.

So much for the funniest. The funnest video was "Rendezvous"--also posted by JaEBM, a month or so ago--in which a Ferrari driver races through the pre-dawn streets of Paris to rendezvous with his wife. As I recall, the video was about 8 minutes long, and white-knuckle all the way.
commented by Blogger Phil, 1:50 PM PDT  
Oh man !!! I totally forgot the "Trunk Monkey".....
I love the video of all those babies laughing, Essaress!
I remember it well.

Cat videoclips are my faves. I especially like the adventures of fat Maru, the diet-soft-drink-box-diving cat! And the curious kitty who kept flushing the toilet!

Cats are so freaking freaky.
commented by Anonymous calgarylady, 6:47 PM PDT  
This CSI spoof:

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:49 PM PDT  
Cats are great and some of the virals have been pretty good. For some strange reason I loved the Numa kid. Can't explain it.

One favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q79U3KafaXs
commented by Anonymous sean, 7:09 AM PDT  

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