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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

to come where no man has come before

anyone else besides us looking forward to


star trek - the previous generation!!

we're going to imax to see it. mainly for the idea of skylar as mr. spock, tho hot fuzz as scotty and harold (of "&kumar") as sulu might be interesting, too.

we have to relish the irony (or maybe not "irony"...maybe just a general "boy it's about time, and why the hell couldn't television have actually dealt with this the first time around" feeling of resignation) that it took the 21st century to actually represent on screen kirk & uhura tappin' each other's asteroids, when it was so obvious to everyone back in the 60's when roddenberry first created these characters?

'Star Trek' A Talented Tongue @ Yahoo! Video
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I am cringing inside and know that even that secret "cringe" is gonna affect the way I see this...
I really don't want to hate another S.T. film....
Rappin' Jimmy T. was full grown and livin' quite Large when I first met him...
And he never talked about his misspent youth much...what with me being all expendable new guy and all...
I do have hopes tho...
I feel that way too. The clip didn't make me too optimistic about the quality of the movie, yet I love those characters so much any background would be welcome.

I saw another video, maybe an official trailer, with great special effects. It looked fantastic.
commented by Blogger mikeb302000, 2:17 AM PDT  
I, too, have a high dorkitude quotient and I already have tickets to the first show tonight. Though, sadly, it's not IMAX.
commented by Blogger The Vidiot, 12:13 PM PDT  
Great, we lose the professional and classy Uhura and get booty-knockin' babymomma ghetto slut.

That's just from the trailers.

How about a black person who isn't "Jungle Fever", "Mandingo", or "foxxy love"? You are aware that there is an AfAm astrophysicst?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:58 AM PDT  
saw it. unfortunately, I hadn't had my lobotomy yet.

commented by Blogger PFL0W, 8:28 AM PDT  

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