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Sunday, May 31, 2009

skippy's sunday night music club

iggy pop is back like you've never heard him before. his new album was inspired by good ol' new orleans jazz and louis armstrong.

iggy pop - "king of the dogs"

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cuts we can make in the california budget

hey...let's start with paring down the 185 peeps who work for the governators chief of staff. oh, and help with the pollution problem, perhaps she can carpool into work instead of being driven alone.
...kennedy has 185 people on her staff, equivalent to a midsize company, with all the accompanying headaches and heartbreaks—on which she clearly thrives. “there isn’t a better job in all of politics,” she says. “bar none.”

a lesbian, recovering alcoholic and lifelong democrat, 48-year-old kennedy has been the republican governor’s chief of staff for two years. she commutes daily to sacramento from her hillside fairfax home.- marin magazine

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never underestimate

the power of cookies.
ali soufan, a former fbi interrogator, says that osama bin laden's bodyguard, abu jandal, talked about the 9/11 attack only after he was given sugar free cookies. jandal is diabetic and was unable to eat the regular cookies given to him with his tea. noticing this, soufan offered the suspect sugar-free cookies at their next meeting. soufan says it was this act of kindness, not rougher methods, that opened up a dialogue between the two. "we had showed him respect, and we had done this nice thing for him. so he started talking to us instead of giving us lectures," soufan said. - - time

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terrorists strike in america this morning

the anti-abortionist groups have murdered an american based on their extremist religious views.
george tiller, the wichita doctor who became a national lightning rod in the debate over abortion, was shot to death this morning as he walked into church services. - kansas.com

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trauma of 9/11 no excuse

the must read opinion piece of the day, richard clarke weighs in again against the cheney administration.
...listening to cheney and rice, it seems that they want to be excused for the measures they authorized after the attacks on the grounds that 9/11 was traumatic. "If you were there in a position of authority and watched americans drop out of eighty-story buildings because these murderous tyrants went after innocent people," rice said in her recent comments, "then you were determined to do anything that you could that was legal to prevent that from happening again."

i have little sympathy for this argument. yes, we went for days with little sleep, and we all assumed that more attacks were coming. but the decisions that bush officials made in the following months and years -- on iraq, on detentions, on interrogations, on wiretapping -- were not appropriate. careful analysis could have replaced the impulse to break all the rules, even more so because the sept. 11 attacks, though horrifying, should not have surprised senior officials. cheney's admission that 9/11 caused him to reassess the threats to the nation only underscores how, for months, top officials had ignored warnings from the cia and the nsc staff that urgent action was needed to preempt a major al-qaeda attack.- wapo

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this is ridiculous...

this is probably old news by now, but i'm taking it on anyway...

ron hamman, a baptist minister in wasilla, alaska, wonders, will the antichrist be a homosexual?

...from a lost perspective, the reason sex sells, pornography is profitable, and prostitution is “the world’s oldest profession” is mankind’s desire of women. from christianity’s position, it is part of the glue for the bond of marriage and the propagation of a godly heritage. But homosexuality does not regard this — in their unbridled lusts they burn for their own gender.

but consider this: the time is ripe for such a leader. indeed, it should not be surprising that the one who is against everything biblical and christian should be a partaker of so great a sin; there is no greater way to reject the creator than to reject your gender and his design for it. and at what other time have we seen such perversion come out of the closets onto our streets, threatening violence if we do not accept their ways?...

i suppose i could write something here about my astonishment in learning that there are real live faggot gangs roaming the streets and desecrating buildings with spray-paint rainbow flags when they're not busy recruiting wholesome sunday school boys into the worlds of drag and leather... but that isn't actually happening, so i won't.

instead, i'd like to address ron hamman as personally as is possible through a blog owned by someone else. hey, ron...

is that all you've got left? are you really that backward and insecure?

i'm a homosexual man, by the way. a self-described queer-boy, truth be told -- and i'm downright comfortable with that, too, ron, thank you very much. but i'm also warming up to the idea of embracing christianity at some point. when you suggest that someone, or some entity, who is gay is against everything biblical and christian, i don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.

i have read the new testament. and you know what? jesus doesn't say anything at all about homosexuality, one way or another. so this notion of yours that the antichrist might be gay -- what's going on, ron? what are you really trying to say?

and, since i'm talking about this, why are you so afraid of us that you felt compelled to link us to your idea of the antichrist? we don't pose any threat to you or the rest of the overwhelmingly heterosexual population. sooner or later, we're going to get our equal rights, and you're not going to become more like us as a result, we're going to become more like you -- trust me, once we realize we have a place at the table for real, we'll begin embracing the establishment likewise. you have nothing to worry about.

so what are you afraid of?


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if rancho palos verdes says it can't pay for police

or firefighters or schools or pothole repair, remember they seemed to have found enough money to "loan" out to a megamillionaire resort.
when the owners of a $480-million seaside luxury resort said they needed more money to ensure it would open, they turned to rancho palos verdes.

the city council last week unanimously agreed to give terranea resort what amounted to an $8-million loan by allowing lowe enterprises to defer payment of its hotel tax for several years. the vote came despite concerns from city staff members who said the loan was "not fiscally prudent."

the 102-acre resort is scheduled to open june 12 where the marineland of the pacific oceanarium once stood. It will include three restaurants, a nine-hole golf course, a 360-room hotel and 20 bungalows. also on the grounds are 82 casitas and villas that range in price from $2 million to $4 million. - latte times

this resort had better give local rancho pv residents a deep discount to stay and relax and offer up other resident goodies, because the resort essentially stole the taxpayers money to the detrement of the community.

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environmental news stories sunday

just because the talking heads on teevee won't be talking about these stories doesn't make them "non inportant."

deadly water: elders recall forced removal to contaminated land. now, 40 years after being forced from their winter sheep camps to live on lands contaminated with uranium and arsenic, navajo families in black falls finally have safe drinking water. - gallup independent

farms feeding us a side of disease? the so-called swine flu, a mix of human, pig and bird flu strains, is a reminder that people and animals share much, including disease and infection. - fort wayne journal gazette,

documentary on intensive pig farming faces legal threat. the film criticises the practices of the world's largest pork processor, smithfield foods, claiming it is responsible for environmental pollution and health problems among residents near its factories. - london guardian,

'sediment is the death that keeps on killing' our reefs. land-based pollution, including sediment runoff, is a significant contributor to the degradation of reefs at multiple spots around the main hawaiian islands. some scientists believe it is the biggest threat in the near term facing hawai'i's reefs. - honolulu advertiser

cascades make oregon a geothermal 'hotbed.' klamath falls’ water is naturally heated by the earth’s core, even though the air is freezing months on end. that free, renewable energy in the hot water is why many see geothermal power as a key piece of a green energy future. - oregon public broadcasting

marine battles over contaminated Lejeune water. jerry ensminger is one of a handful of leaders in a nationwide fight to get the marine corps to release information about contaminated drinking water that circulated through camp lejeune for decades before poisoned wells were closed in the mid-1980s.- raleigh news & observer

new york, boston "directly in path" of sea level rise. major cities in the northeastern u.s. and eastern canada "are directly in the path of the greatest rise" in sea level if greenland continues to melt due to global warming, a new study says. - national geographic news

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

skippy's saturday night music club

since when did an appreciation of spicy latin food become a "bad" thing? this evening's selection goes out to la senora sotomayor who has had a pretty stressful week. some spicy latin music (albeit not the puerto rican varietal) to relax and groove to.

la musica de carlos santana - no tengo a nadie

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the real housewives of d.c.

the bravo series is branching out...and now it's casting for "real housewives" of the swamp known as the district of columbia.
which five wealthy, connected, ambitious, opinionated, party-going, power-brokering women will become the country's newest "real housewives"?

maybe you thought residents of our nation's capital were too focused on the economy or north korea to worry about the casting of a cable reality show. think again. ever since the bravo network announced this week that "the real housewives of d.c." was in development, political blogs have speculated on who'd be tapped for the show. stories have emerged of stealth screen tests across the city. "everybody's abuzz about it," says catherine merrill williams, publisher of washingtonian magazine. - - the oakland tribune

hmmm...what's the political staffer/hooker washingtonienne doing these days?

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the governator's plan for california. (but without the really cool bossa nova music soundtrack)
arnold's plan is to cut the services the middle-class needs while raising their taxes in order to give the wealthy and even bigger tax break. In that sense his higher ed funding plans are perfectly sensible - by planning to eliminate cal grants and jack up fees even further, he's foreshadowing california's future, where the dream of prosperity and economic security is enjoyed only by the top 5%. it's a recipe for the brazilification of california.

the parsky commission, as i have explained before, is rigged to produce this very outcome. they are part of a concerted effort to use "volatility" as a kind of concern trolling to suggest that wealth taxes, a proven and effective method of taxation, are bad - and that we need to sock it to the poor and the middle class, even though numerous examples from history prove that when you shift the tax burden onto those least able to pay, social collapse follows. - calitics

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now if they can only get them

on freakin' sharks.
outside a concrete slab of a building 10 stories high that holds the most powerful array of lasers and high-precision optics ever assembled,...it's purpose is to focus the immense energy in an array of 120 laser beams onto a tiny glass target the size of a bb shot, which is filled with hydrogen. this is all done under immensely high pressure to make the target heat like the fiery interior of a star at a 180 million degrees fahrenheit. sfgate

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quote of the day

no more mr. nice blog, on peggy noonan's admonition of the gop to not attack sotomayor ad hoc:

i think she's asking a lot of her party. i think republicans need to start by taking baby steps -- for instance, by trying to concoct arguments that are merely internally consistent, rather than preposterously self-contradictory.
we think even that's asking too much. how about if they start by just shutting the f*ck up until they have something constructive to add to the argument?
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Friday, May 29, 2009

skippy's friday night music club

because the boss roo and mrs. boss roo are in the magical land of new mexico....tonight's music club selection goes out to them...

ottmar liebert - "santa fe"

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quote of the day

from adam serwer @ tapped:

what people like taylor find so offensive about sotomayor's statement is that it properly exposes the perspective of white, christian heterosexual men as specific to their experience, rather than the omniscient eye of g-d they're used to presenting it as. does anyone seriously believe dred scott or plessy v. fergueson would have been upheld by any court that had the remotest idea of what it was like to be black or a slave? or similarly that the court would have held in minor v. happersett that being a citizen didn't mean you had a right to vote if you were a woman? do we really believe that judges in these cases were "simply upholding the law" in the absence of the cultural and social prejudices of their times?
(via via)
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quick hits

tucker carlson - the new arianna huffington?

charlize theron wants to meet you in fresno!

which do you want to inhabit - obama world or cheney world?

the gop: the nine man baseball team of asswipes.

what ever you do, don't talk to the poll workers during an election!

john ziegler visits his supporters in alaska...all 300 of them!

sure, hilzoy wants an opposition party of reasonable thinkers, but we ourselves are enjoying the meltdown.

gee, the canadian prime minister of canada looks alot like the republican party here!
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80% of california's state parks

are on the potential padlock list of the governator. don't they realize in sacramento that the state parks bring in money...tourist money....hello...
nearly every state park in the bay area — from the towering redwoods at big basin to angel island, mount tamalpais to mount diablo and every state beach from año nuevo in san mateo county to big sur — would close as part of budget cuts proposed by gov. arnold schwarzenegger. - san jose mercury news
elizabeth goldstein, cal parks president, called the measures "awful and draconian." she points out that more than 80 million people visited state parks last year and that for every dollar that funds the parks, $2.35 is returned to the state's general fund via economic activities in nearby communities. - latte times

el capitan state beach and the accompanying campgrounds....soon to close..

Originally uploaded by bluebullwinkle60

julia pfeiffer burns state park that lures tourists to the isolated big sur area...soon to close.

Julia Pfiffer Burns State Park
Originally uploaded by jessbess77

piedras blancas with the elephant seals....no more rangers to save people from raging bulls.

Northern Elephant Seals Fighting, Piedras Blancas, San Simeon, CA 02feb2008
Originally uploaded by mikebaird

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100 best movie lines

in 200 seconds

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can you say....

land rush?

arctic contains 13% of remaining oil. the forbidding landscape of the arctic contains 13% of the world's remaining undiscovered oil and as much as 30% of its natural gas deposits, a new study from the u.s. geological survey says. - - toronto globe and mail

new survey of arctic's mineral riches could stoke international strife. the battle for the arctic's hidden mineral riches is likely to intensify after a survey revealing the energy reserves present beneath the ice. - london guardian

arctic's black gold mapped. around a third of the world's yet-to-be discovered gas resources may lie north of the arctic circle. the estimates are based purely on geological data, and take no account of whether the oil and gas stores are technically recoverable or the environmental and cultural damage that might be inflicted by drilling. - nature

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get your motor runnin'....head out on the highway...

hi kids, skippy here, in beautiful taos, new mexico, in the middle of the summer of love!

that's right, it turns out that mrs. skippy's and my last stop on our own anniversaryfest 2009 is in the town that's celebrating the 40 year anniversary of the release of easy rider, which was filmed, in part, in taos.

the whole town is commerating the concept of american international exploitation motorcycle flicks, as well as hippies, peace, love, understanding, free love and good food the whole summer long.

we missed an appearance by dennis hopper (a part-time taos resident), as well as a gig by hot tuna. and we won't be here for country joe mcdonald, either. but there's still lots of love and universal understanding floating thru the taos plaza, which is just a 10 minute walk from our stay @ the el monte sargado resort (where, by the by, we'll be watching a set by third door down tomorrow nite...not hippie music, but still darn good stuff!).

i'm sorry i didn't get a chance to let you know about our wonderful night and day in beautiful durango, colorado. it was actually on our actual anniversary, and i spent the time with each my wife instead of blogging. i'm sure you will forgive me. but let me just say, if you're ever in durango, a great place for a romantic dinner is the hamtilon chop house (about 20 minutes outside of town), and a great breakfast can be found in the downtown walking area is carver brewing co. (don't be fooled by the fact it's a micro-brewery...the breakfast menu is varied and imaginative, and full of down home good eatin'!)
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karma's a bitch

there is a god.

readers of this space know why we care.
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and the gop wonders why it's losing

it's bad enough that rush limbaugh* invents a new kind of racist when belittling obama's supreme nominee (more on that later), but check out what g. gordon liddy had to say about the first female hispanic to be nominated. think progress:
yesterday on his radio show, conservative host g. gordon liddy continued the right wing’s all-out assault on judge sonia sotomayor. first, just like tom tancredo, liddy slammed sotomayor’s affiliation with the civil rights group la raza — and referred to the spanish language as “illegal alien“ …

finished with the race-based attack, liddy moved on to denigrate sotomayor’s gender:

liddy: let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something, or just before she’s going to menstruate. that would really be bad. lord knows what we would get then.
gee, we can't imagine why repubbblicans have lost voters in every major voting block except for frequent church-goers?

now, back to rush's declaration that judge sotomayor is a "reverse racist." we are w/matt yglesias, at least in the beginning, on this ridiculous invention of the hardly-ever-right wing groupthink:

this seems very confused. being a “reverse racist” can’t be similar to being a “racist,” it needs to be the reverse of being a racist. limbaugh clearly just thinks sotomayor is a racist. she hates white people. for a latina to hate white people isn’t “reverse” racism, it’s racism.
however, this next bit is where we depart from matt's logic:

reverse racism would be if you had a white person who hates white people. it would be like racism, where you hate people of other races, but in reverse.
uh, no, matt. that would be racism. if you hate somebody because of their race, it's racism, irrespective of your race (see "uncle tom," "self-hating jew," etc). if you're a white person who hates white people, you're a racist. a self-loathing racist, but a racist nonetheless.

you are correct, however matt, in that being a "reverse racist" is not the same as being a racist. and the reason is because, there is no such thing as reverse racism. that's like saying "reverse magnetism." there's no such thing. magnets which are repelled from each other (positive to positive, negative to negative) are nonetheless displaying properties of magnetism.

but what we must needs point out, is that the very idea of "reverse racism," exclusively used by white people, is itself a racist conceit. only white people (and usually white men) would think that being discrimated against if you were a white person is different than being discrimated against if you were any other race.

hate a negro? racism. hate a latino/latina? racism. hate an indian, red or brown, a chinese, japanese, balinese, filapino, aboriginal, eskimo, or any third world occupant? racism, pure and simple.

hate a white guy? oh noesss!!! a brand new, extra=super=secret special super-duper new kind of racism! it's reverse racism!!! something nobody's ever encountered before! white people are so exclusive, they have their own kind of racism thrust upon them!

only white folk could think they were superior enough to everyone else, that if they were the victims of racism, it would be a completely unique kind.

ergo, the concept of "reverse racism," is itself a racist concept.

* we inadvertantly, in an earlier version of this post, attributed the "reverse racist" remark to newt "how's the chemo i want a divorce" gingrich. mr. gingrich was not the one qualifying the racism as "reverse." that was rush "hello little boy where's my viagra" limbaugh. we regret the error.

but not much.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

skippy's thursday night music club

for zachary who loved the words to this song, had a bit of "cary grant" in him and spent far too short a time in this world but packed a lot of life into it.

"you're the top" by cole porter from the movie "night and day" starring cary grant.

zachary...you were always cellophane to me.

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mad about the deceitful cheneys

mad kane, that is!
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a wise move on insraeli farmers part

it's turning to owls and birds of prey instead of toxins to control pests.
farmers in israel are doing some eco-judo, turning a problem into a solution. birdlife international reported that many birds of prey in the region were dying because they were eating rodents that had been poisoned by pesticides. but now, there is a will to reduce the use of these poisons and instead us the birds of prey (owls, kestrels) as natural pest controllers. good for the birds, good for the farmers. probably not so good for the rodents, but you can't please everybody... - treehugger

Israel Postage Stamp: Hume's Tawny Owl
Originally uploaded by karen horton

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talk about strange bedfellows...

just try and explain this one:

spurned by the california supreme court, gay couples wanting to marry appealed to the federal courts wednesday to strike down proposition 8 as unconstitutional state interference in a citizen's fundamental right to lawful wedlock.

the lawsuit brought by two high-powered lawyers and unlikely allies, former bush administration solicitor general theodore olson and his bush-vs.-gore opponent david boies, was met with skepticism about the conservative olson's motives for getting involved in a civil-rights battle usually spearheaded by liberals...

ready, set, go...

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

skippy's wednesday night music club

the late, great stevie ray vaughn live in new orleans - "superstition"

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happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you

Sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge
Originally uploaded by Wiggum03

happy 72nd birthday dear golden gate bridge...happy birthday to you.

(and many more!)

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more taxpayer millions and millions given

to the millionaires who are politically connected...to the bush administration and katrina.
the shaw group inc. has been awarded a contract of up to $375 million by the federal government for post-disaster services in louisiana and eight other states. - yahoo finance
you remember "brownie's" roomie....joe allbaugh. he's a lobbyist for the shaw group. why the h*** we would want to be dealing with those crooks again is anyone's guess.

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where are the corporate media and the rethugs

discussing the failure of corporations to take responsibility for their actions....and adding billions of dollars to the country's deficit?
the federal agency that insures corporate pensions has taken over pension payments for more than 21,000 former workers of defunct electronics retailer circuit city. - yahoo finance

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costco....the blue big box

is thinking out of that "big box"...
responding to the economic pressures on its shoppers, costco wholesale corp. said wednesday that it will soon install the equipment to accept food stamps at two of its new york city stores as part of a pilot program - ap via yahoo finance

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

skippy's tuesday night music club

since the boss roo and mrs. roo are on the road....

"one for my baby...and one more for the road" featuring the indomitable sammy davis, jr.

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ashes to ashes dust to dust

skippy the bush kangaroo here @ beautiful mesa verde national park.

i'm writing in our room @ the fairview lodge, which is something of a small 21st century miracle. the lodge's administration building has free wifi, but luckily our room is in a building relatively close to the admin., so we are able to piggyback onto the wifi signal.

another thrilling day walking the ruins in the park, this time @ the spruce tree house. the hike down and up was much easier than yesterday's, as the path was a wide paved route.


i climbed down into the kiva (a round covered room dug into the ground where the pueblo peoples were thought to have wintered)...it was very small, and i remarked it was like being inside a pizza oven.

yesterday we took a wonderful tour of the park and it was narrated by a national park employee who introduced himself as "ranger tim." unfortunately for me, the whole rest of the tour i kept hearing bastardized bowie in my head: "this is ground control to ranger tim, you've really made the graa-a-yade...can you hear me ranger tim? can you hear me ranger tim?"

tomorrow: beautiful durango colorado and our 25th wedding anniversary!!
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prop hate

Just devastated
Originally uploaded by Steve Rhodes
says that some marriages are more equal than others.
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the governator becomes the terminator again

he plans to terminate programs that actually do good.....
faced with a ballooning deficit and a clear signal that voters won't pay more to fix it, california gov. arnold schwarzenegger released a budget plan tuesday that would eliminate welfare, drop 1 million poor children from health insurance, cut off new grants for college students and shut down 80 percent of state parks.

in a state that long has prided itself on its social safety net, it could well go down in history as the most drastic reduction in social programs ever. and billions in further cuts will be unveiled later this week.

..."every single first-world nation has a safety net program for children," said will lightbourne, santa clara county's social services director. "this would return us to the era of dickens — you'd have to go back to the 19th century to find a comparable proposal."- san jose mercury
republicans would rather destroy the state rather than to up the tax rate on those who can most afford it. pathetic.

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why is it

that folks are more concerned about vote tampering in american idol than they did when awol "won" the presidency?

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mad about tropical breeze colonoscopies

mad kane, that is!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

By the shores of Gitche Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,

Mrs DBK and I were up at Lake Superior Sunday. This was my first time at the shining big sea water and it is mighty impressive. The largest lakes I'd seen before were Cayuga and Tahoe, but they're ponds compared to Gichigami (the Ojibwe name). I believe we'll be returning to Duluth and nearby environs in the future.

Today we put up the flag and I took a few moments of personal time to reflect on the sacrifices that so many made. I watch The Longest Day every year at this time and I look at my father's medals, which are in a shadowbox on my desk. My father is still down in Florida, but I doubt he takes even a moment to reflect on the past. At 87, he still seems to live very much in the present. When I spoke to him yesterday, and I speak to both him and my mother frequently, he started railing about how that "f***ing Bush really f***ed up this country."

My dad is pure gold.

Somewhere in his late seventies I asked him how it felt to be in his late seventies and he said that he still felt in his heart like he was eighteen. Last year he admitted that he's starting to slow down.

I believe we are supposed to reflect on this day upon the many men and women who gave their lives for the United States, but I rather cherish the ones who are still hanging around, late in years, and able to tell us what they've learned. The only lesson I ever seem to take from the dead ones is to avoid joining them, which isn't a bad lesson as lessons go, but I think there's a good deal more to be learned from the ones that have put in more time than me and are still compos mentis, if you catch my drift.
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hello from beautiful mesa verde national park!


skippy the bush kangaroo here, writing from the lobby of the far view lodge in mesa verde national park, colorado.

mrs. skippy and i are celebrating our 25 year anniversary of heterosexual marriage (not that there's anything wrong with that). we are driving around northern new mexico & southern colroado to see the sights, and believe me, the sights in mesa verde are spectacular.

the picture above is of cliff palace dwellings. mesa verde is the only national park dedicated to the presrevation of the works of man (as opposed to the preservation of nature). there are more archeological sites in this park than anywhere else in the united states, and the cliff palace site is located 100 feet below the top of the mesa. to get there we had to climb down several steep stairs plus a ladder or two. and it was incredibly spiritual.

the ancient pueblo peoples who occupied the cliff dwellings @ mesa verde were here between 500 - 1300 ad, give or take. the cliff palace is the biggest cliff dwelling site in the us.

addendum: eli of left i on the news asked about the scale of the cliff palace. here's a pic i found on google that shows real people walking around, so you can see how large (about three stories tall) the structures are:

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this is what i hate about politics

selling politicians and access to them to wealthy individuals.

wednesday, may 27,2009
the beverly hilton hotel
5 PM to 7:30
president barack obama
will be joined by performers
jamie foxx, jennifer hudson ,earth wind and fire
and a few special guests
to benefit the
democratic national committee

dinner and photo with the president $15,400.00

would be nice if they had photo ops and time to speak our minds to the president for the rest of us poor working slobs.

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posting the monday nite music clip early because i have to work tonight...

"roads" by portishead.

i love beth gibbons. there is this beautiful element of the timbre of her voice i can hear that most people don't seem to hear. she sounds like an angel to me when she sings. and if i were to compile a list of my top ten favorite songs, "roads" would definitely be on the list.


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and the mystery continues...

i still haven't figured out who owns the cemetery outside my living room window. i've contacted a nearby funeral home, two churches, the rental office, the wal-mart {*gah*}, and the henrico county government itself, among other people and entities. nothing.

all i want to do is visit the place one time. one single time. but i want to know who owns it first. i am not going to just walk into a private cemetery unannounced and unexpected -- that is rude and inexcusable even by my standards...


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mad about huckabee

mad kane, that is!
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memorial day...

to our soldiers...

you're made of far stronger and superior material than i am. you're willing to risk your lives for a country brimming with people whose idea of supporting you consists of slapping a yellow ribbon magnet on their gas guzzlers. these people will do anything for you while you're fighting on their and my behalf overseas -- so long as you don't come back injured, maimed, or traumatized, at which point they tend to say, "f&$k you."

i wouldn't put my own life on the line for these people. washington can bring back the draft -- i'll go straight to jail before i'll let them ship me off to some war. washington has gotten our soldiers involved in too many wars based on a series of lies. and i don't know what to make of that.

i don't know how any politician could sleep at night knowing that they've taken the people who trust them not to send them to their possible deaths unless it's absolutely necessary and used them merely for their own political survival. but they've done it before, and they're going to keep doing it. between them and the yellow ribbon crowd, i don't know how you folks can stand it.

so i salute you for your discipline and your patriotism. because if i was in your boots, there'd be a lot of c@*k$#&k$&s' corpses along the trail leading to my own gravesite... 


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

skippy's sunday nite music club (the jimmy's calling the tunes for now edition)...

personal recommendations: when the timer gets to 3:25, crank it up -- and when it gets to 6:42, crank it up some more...


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and now, cheech and chong...

i pulled half a shift at work last night as an assistant to an operator on a different machine. we were the only two people there, so he set up a little digital tv. (you can do that if there are only two people there.) at one point, i was doing whatever, walked by the tv, and saw cheech and chong performing "mexican americans" on some late night show. good lord, i forgot how funny these guys are.

i got home from work, and i think i spent about three hours watching cheech and chong clips on youtube -- and laughing my ass off through most of them. i'm glad these two are together again...

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voice of the people

a big congrats are due to our friend jim ward, voice talent extraordinaire, for getting a daytime emmy nomination for his work on biker mice from mars!

some of you may know jim's work on the stephanie miller show, where he does clinton, bush, et. al, for her gags. skippy had the pleasure of working w/jim @ premiere radio networks.

keep up the good work jim!
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

saturday nite chicken blogging

over @ ripcoco!

seriously! chickens!
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this is gonna sound totally nuts...

but i think i'm becoming a christian.


it's screwed up in a lot of ways, but none more so than the fact that i'm not sure jesus ever even existed. i don't know why i'm doing this. but i'm doing it, and this isn't bothering me in the least. which is strange in the extreme -- how often do you encounter a gay liberal who's not only into the very odd furry fandom scene, but is in the process of embracing christianity in spite of its centuries-long history of being completely full of $#!+?

god must have been on acid when he made me...


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best king crimson fix ever...

drop a glass full of antique sherry...

{sorry, skippy, but when you ain't there, this is what happens...}

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Friday, May 22, 2009

and now, a little music...


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thursday morning music fix...

this one's for everyone on the left who's growing or has grown disenchanted with president obama. true, he isn't the savior a lot of people seemed to think he was during the campaign, but he's only held the job for four months, folks -- he hasn't had enough time to screw it all up beyond repair.

so calm down, have a beer (or whatever it is you drink at 9 am -- i work nights, so i can drink me some beer in the morning if i want to), and enjoy...

{blogger's note: i know it's saturday, but i submitted this thursday morning in lieu of skippy not having a music clip up the nite before. i like to keep the tunes flowing if i can. yootoob is a bastid, what can i tell you...}
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you know, ever since 9/11, we've been subjected to all this talk about how america needs to be safe. that's all well and fine. but meanwhile we have two foreign wars we can't seem to resolve to anyone's satisfaction, and we're willing to torture people just to elicit false confessions for the purpose of justifying an invasion of a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. and then the rest of the world gets seriously pissed off at us -- and we wonder why we're so obsessed with security.

yeah, okay. i don't get it anymore, and am not sure i ever did.

all the same, it seems pretty simple to me: if you don't want your babies to die in a terrorist attack, then stop killing other people's babies. hel-lo-ooo...

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still on the payroll...

in keeping with the tenor of the economy, there was a second round of layoffs at the place i work this week. fortunately, i survived this round, too. in fact, i was asked to come in saturday night in addition to my regular hours. and i accepted -- when moving to a new apartment, you tend to accumulate more bills than you're accustomed to, so when you add that to the fact that at least i'm still employed, you see that this was not a choice on my part, but a foregone conclusion. i happen to have just enough wisdom to recognize it as such.

but things are only all right for now. i know that i'm supposed to be fussing and fuming over what nancy pelosi may or may not have known about the illegal torturing of prisoners five or six years ago according to the same cocktail wiener-whipped "mainstream" "media" "people" who did nothing but salivate every time george codpiece bush rang a bell five or six years ago when his administration wasn't illegally torturing prisoners, but i'm more concerned about avoiding drowning along with the sinking economy than i am with explaining why the democratic side of the aisle on capitol hill smells less decrepit than the republican side. i've always been selfish that way.

not that i haven't bothered to step outside of that selfish little bubble. i have tried explaining to battered wife republican types that the main difference between the dems and the republicans is that when the dems rape you, they use condoms and lube, but apparently, these people don't even realize they're being raped. how do you reach people like that? i mean, how can you not notice when you're being dry-humped by an elephant?

i don't have time for these oblivion-or-bust yo-yos. i got work to do. and this may sound cliched, but i'm just glad i still have job. I've been in the unemployment line before, so i know what to expect if i wind up there again. but at least i'm not in that line. yet.

here's hoping my luck holds out a while longer...

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

can you say....

"ok, everyone...grab a pitchfork...and head to your local politicians' hangout." (generally a lobbyists' office.)
a plan by the governor to end welfare and health insurance for low-income families and cash grants for college students is called 'beyond draconian. - latte times
isn't it time to legalize california's largest cash crop yet? the governator's taken a toke or two...

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idol thoughts

mrs. skippy was devastated that adam lost last nite, but we were not surprised. kris allen was the darkhorse thru the whole race, and we thought his genuine-ness was quite appealing over adam's theatricality.

adam is a great singer, make no mistake, and we foresee a great career ahead for him (as well as allison, danny, mark and maybe the blind guy too). but adam seemed to be about the performance, whereas we felt kris was about the music.

just our random thoughts. but contest aside, the show itself was fantastic. any stage that holds lionel ritchie, rod stewart, keith urban, kiss, fergie & the black-eyed peas, the live part of queen, and steve martin is a stage with something for everyone.

we remarked that all they needed was a bulgarian musician and then they'd be able to compete w/skippy's late nite music club:

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mad about limericks about pete sessions

mad kane, that is!
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you know it's bad news for the gop when even the gop won't back the gop

whoops! former gop congressman porter goss is officially refusing to say whether or not the cia told pelosi about waterboarding in a meeting goss attended. greg sargent:

i asked a spokesperson for goss if he would confirm that he and pelosi had been informed of the use of torture. goss was out of town, so it took her a while to get back to me, but now she has: she declined to answer the question, saying that goss would not elaborate beyond what he said in a washington post op ed last month.

in that carefully-worded piece, goss did not write he had been told that torture had been used. rather, he merely wrote that members of congress were told that the cia was “holding and interrogating” suspects and that eits had been developed. he said that members should have “understood” that eits “were to actually be employed” in the future, without saying that they were even told this, let alone told that they’d been used.

this does not contradict pelosi’s claim that she was only told that such techniques were legal, not that they had been or certainly would be used — the crux of the gop’s attack.

so i asked goss’ spokesperson directly: were he and pelosi informed that eits, including waterboarding, had already been used, and were they given a rough sense that abu zubaydah had been waterboarded more than 83 times the previous month?

her answer: “he believes that his op-ed makes it very clear and is not engaging beyond it at this time.” she declined repeated requests to elaborate.

so here’s where we are: the republican congressman who was in the room during pelosi’s briefing won’t directly vouch for the accuracy of the cia’s claim that she had been briefed on the use of torture.
and here's jay newton-small @ swampland:

porter goss was careful to parse his words in the conditional future tense when talking about what, exactly, he and pelosi were briefed on in september 2002:

today, i am slack-jawed to read that members claim to have not understood that the techniques on which they were briefed were to actually be employed; or that specific techniques such as "waterboarding" were never mentioned.
and senator richard shelby also carefully avoided saying he'd been briefed on eits that had already been used, saying only that he'd been told about the techniques. and “purported” isn't exactly a strong word – it's a synonym of suggested or claimed. from his statement:

as vice chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence in 2002, senator shelby was briefed by the cia on the agency's interrogation program and the existence of enhanced interrogation techniques (eits). to his recollection, not only did the cia briefers provide what was purported to be a full account of the techniques, they also described the need for these techniques and the value of the information being obtained from terrorists during questioning.
bob graham, who was theoretically in the room with shelby, says he has no recollection of the meeting at all – this from a man who famously details his every waking minute. perhaps the most astonishing response has been from the cia director leon panetta, who basically said: don't trust our records. which begs the question: what other issues have they kept questionable records on?
so once again, the press has let the hardly-ever-right wing distract it from the real question of the use of torture to elicit false confessions to establish the non-existent link between al qaeda and iraq.

addendum: the cia may not lie, but it sure makes mistakes!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

say hello

to smashed frog.
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say hello

to stinque.
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seriously, haven't they figured out this is slang for a sexual act???

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

skippy's tuesday nite music club

harry nilsson - coconut
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down the penrose lane

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say hello

to the dead acorn.
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everything proves liberal bias

dougj, over @ balloon juice, points out how the hardly-ever-right wing can get the vapors over almost anything. this time, modo's plagiarism proves media librul bias.

i didn’t see this coming from malkin one of malkin’s employees:


they’re taking more than just ideas, champ. in fact, the beauty of modo’s snafu is that not only does it show a major player in the media being led around by nutroots talking points, it involves her lifting stuff from a blog that’s actually called “talking points.” glorious.
what i like about this is that it shows how nearly any event can be turned into an example of liberal media bias, given a sufficiently determined wingnut blogger. i also like a blog called “hot air” making fun of another blog for being called “talking points”.
well played, sir.
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mad about torture song parodies

mad kane, that is!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

skippy's monday nite music club

morrissey - something is squeezing my skull
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we only read it for the articles

our rather snarky piece on modo's plagiarizing josh marshall wound up linked to by playboy.com!

where's hillary fisher when you need her? (and who doesn't needs hillary fisher?)
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good news for modern man

ezra gets a paying gig!
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give a political prisoner a new trial

don siegelman deserves it.

the alabama federal judge who presided over the 2006 corruption trial of the state's former governor holds a grudge against the defendant for helping to expose the judge's own alleged corruption six years ago. former gov. don siegelman therefore deserves a new trial with an unbiased judge ─ not one whose privately owned company, doss aviation, has been enriched by the bush administration's award of $300 million in contracts since 2006, making the judge millions in non-judicial income. - huffpo

kreig's report comes at a critical time in the siegelman case. the u.s. 11th circuit court of appeals has upheld most of the convictions against siegelman. federal prosecutors are asking that the former governor receive a 20-year sentence, almost triple his original sentence. with the 11th circuit refusing last week to grant a review by the entire court, the case stands to return to fuller for resentencing. - legal schnauzer
if attorney general eric holder can drop charges against ted stevens, why can't he even open a case to investigate rove's, et al., railroading of former alabama governor don siegelman?

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now here's a wtf moment

keith o....you listening? and could someone get seymour hersh some bodyguards?
former prime minister of pakistan benazir bhutto was assassinated on the orders of the special death squad formed by former us vice-president dick cheney, which had already killed the lebanese prime minister rafique al hariri and the army chief of that country. the squad was headed by general stanley mcchrystal, the newly-appointed commander of us army in afghanistan. it was disclosed by reputed us journalist seymour hersh while talking to an arab tv in an interview. - the nation
if you recall, seymour did make mention of assasination squads not too long ago...
"right now, today, there was a story in the new york times that if you read it carefully mentioned something known as the joint special operations command -- jsoc it’s called. it is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. they do not report to anybody, except in the bush-cheney days, they reported directly to the cheney office. they did not report to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff or to mr. [robert] gates, the secretary of defense. they reported directly to him. ...

"congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on. - minnpost

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pesticide might be the culprit

in the little bumbly buzzy bees dying off.
beekeepers have singled out imidacloprid and its chemical cousin clothianidin, also produced by bayer cropscience, as a cause of bee die-offs around the world for over a decade. more recently, the same products have been blamed by american beekeepers, who claim the product is a cause of colony collapse disorder, which has cost many commercial u.s. beekeepers at least a third of their bees since 2006, and threatens the reliability of the world's food supply.

scientists have started to turn their attention to both products, which are receiving new scrutiny in the u.s., due to a disclosure in december 2007 by bayer cropscience itself. bayer scientists found imidacloprid in the nectar and pollen of flowering trees and shrubs at concentrations high enough to kill a honeybee in minutes. the disclosure recently set in motion product reviews by the california department of pesticide regulation and the epa. the tests are scheduled to wrap up in 2014, though environmentalists, including the sierra club, are petitioning the epa to speed up the work.

for over a decade, bayer cropscience has been forced to defend the family of insecticides against calls for a ban by beekeepers and environmentalists. french beekeepers succeeded in having imidacloprid banned for use on several crops after a third of the country's bees died following its use in 1999 -- although the french bee population never quite rebounded, as bayer is quick to point out. germany banned the use of clothianidin and seven other insecticides in 2008 after tests implicated them in killing up to 60 percent of honeybees in southwest germany. - salon

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question of the day...

just what in the hell is a "gay lifestyle"?

i keep hearing that phrase in association with lgbt issues, often from the lips of straight people who don't seem to know what they're talking about. for the life of me, i don't know what they're talking about, either. i have essentially the same lifestyle i had before i admitted to myself the fact that i'm homosexual last year. i go to the same places, i wear the same clothes, i have the same hobbies, and so on -- the only differences are that i've added a gay bookstore to the places i go and i've added hammering out the script and panels for a new furry fandom comic to my hobbies. and that's all.

so what's a gay lifestyle? having unprotected sex with multiple partners after two or three hours of irresponsible drinking? most of the folks who act that way that i'm aware of are straight -- does that give me the right to call this behavior a straight lifestyle?

Just asking...


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last week we were bakin'

we start off this week with shakin'

a magnitude 4.7 earthquake shook a large stretch of southern california on sunday night. there were no immediate reports of serious damage or injuries, though some broken windows, falling dishes and minor property damage occurred. - latimes and seal beach daily and the science dude at the oc register

there were reports of damage at the amc south bay galleria in redondo beach. some moviegoers watching "angels and demons" thought the auditorium was going to collapse.

"the screen started peeling. parts of the ceiling starting falling out," one patron told kcal channel 9. - the daily breeze

we felt a little joltage up here in toasty town...

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

skippy's sunday nite music club

we're dedicating this one to modo...

george harrison - my sweet lord

the chiffons - he's so fine
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environmental stories sunday

a little charbroiled this week....

the global food crisis. - it is the simplest, most natural of acts, akin to breathing and walking upright. we sit down at the dinner table, pick up a fork, and take a juicy bite, obliv­ious to the double helping of global ramifications on our plate. - national geographic

high food prices pushing world to tipping point. - for the first time in human history, one out of every six people on the planet is going to bed hungry, according to the head of the un world food program. agencies are overwhelmed as emergencies caused by war and drought outrun their ability to feed the hungry. - toronto star

use of plastic bottles increases bpa in study. - drinking cold beverages out of polycarbonate bottles significantly increases the concentration of bisphenol a found in a the body. - milwaukee journal sentinal

el niño fear as dams fall to new low. - victoria's stressed water storages and rivers — both at record lows — could face a nightmarish year of severe drought as the odds firm of an el niño weather event hitting australia within months. - melbourne age

south americans hit by dengue fever epidemic. - while the world continues to be on alert for a potential swine flu pandemic, south americans have been suffering for months from one of the worst viral epidemics on record. - miami herald

valley could be a crucible for green industry. - the coachella valley could become the cradle of the world's greatest asset — clean energy. - palm springs desert sun

trashing the river. - dumping, whether it's construction debris, garbage, snarled fishing line, fast food containers, old furniture or any of the other artifacts of life isn't confined to the des moines river. couches, fridges and bags of garbage are common items. a bucket of human fecal matter was found in one ditch. - fort dodge messenger

in the owens valley, resentment again flows with the water. - the los angeles department of water and power is quietly prospecting once again for land and water rights in the owens valley, sparking tense disputes among residents over the agency's influence on their economic stability. - latte times

fda relied heavily on bpa lobby. - as federal regulators hold fast to their claim that a chemical in baby bottles is safe, e-mails obtained by the journal sentinel show that they relied on chemical industry lobbyists to examine bisphenol a's risks, track legislation to ban it and even monitor press coverage - milwaukee journal sentinel

inspection of gadgets predicts global power surge. - the number of tvs, computers, ipods and other electronic devices in the home is expected to jump threefold by 2030 and will require the equivalent of 230 new nuclear reactors to keep them running, according to an international study calling on world governments to raise the bar on gadget efficiency. - toronto star

mexican-made "lead free" pots contain high levels of lead. - clay bean pots made in mexico and sold in hispanic stores in the eastern united states as lead-free and safe for cooking actually contain high levels of the toxic metal, prompting a university lead-poisoning prevention program to warn against using them for cooking. - asheville la voz independiente

a mountain of trouble. - an effort to develop jobs and strengthen the economy of a former timber town in oregon has turned into a nightmare. the source of woes: vast mounds of industrial garbage... enough shredded plastic and other waste to fill 12,000 dump trucks. - eugene register guard

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maureen dowd - my sweet lord, she's so fine!

gee, modo didn't mean to plagiarize josh marshall! in fact, she never even read his blog! it was just a coincidence that she copied, word for word, an entire paragraph from him!


apparently maureen dowd just had this phrase running round her brain while she wrote her new nytimes column:

more and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when the bush crowd was looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of iraq.
sure, why not? it's so catchy, and it rolls right off the tongue! we believe ya, mo!

it's like george harrison or michale bolton...they accidentally stole someone else's song, just because it was running thru their head! it's not like it was on purpose or anything!

who among us hasn't heard a phrase as simple and ingratiating as "more and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when the bush crowd was looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of iraq" and repeated it themselves w/o realizing it didn't come from their own creativity?

why, we can see how you'd be saying "more and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when the bush crowd was looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of iraq" over and over again, because it sounds so lyrical, until you finally have it ingrained into your consciousness. who wouldn't think they thought it up themselves?

the big problem with all of this is, more and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when the bush crowd was looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of iraq. don't you agree?

oh wait! we just did it ourselves! we accidentally thought we wrote that! we mean, it's sooooooo natural to say!

it's got a beat, and you can dance to it! come on, everybody now!

more and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when the bush crowd was looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of iraq! more and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when the bush crowd was looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of iraq! more and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when the bush crowd was looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of iraq!!

we get ya, mo! we're on yourside!
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mad about feigned outrage

mad kane, that is!
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

skippy's saturday nite music club

gym class heroes - the queen and i

gch rock out pretty good and are wicked sick, as the kids say.

once again may we take a moment to complain about acts who disabled embedding by request so we are unable to bring you their videos; we are especiallypissed @ kenny chesney, screaming trees & faith no more, all of whom prevented you from enjoying their music tonite. keep that in mind the next time they want you to buy a ticket to their concerts or download their music.

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how it's done

via dday, here's kargo x showing us how to shut down the screeching heads on cnn:

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we've always said, if you're gonna steal, steal from the best

perhaps only in theme, and certainly not note for note, but has anyone else noticed that the theme songs for chuck lorre's hit cbs sit coms are remarkably similar to a couple of monty python nunbers?

the barenaked ladies singing the history of everything (theme song to "the big bang")

the universe song

two and a half men theme song:

vs. spam

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rachel alexandra...you go, girl

Rachel Alexandra
Originally uploaded by Rock and Racehorses
well...she actually went and did. she showed the boys how racin' is done.

the filly rocked the ol' boys' world at "old hilltop" today. rachel's got more talent and class in one fetlock than miss california has plastic in her whole body.

all hail alexandra the great!

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i have only one question for the corporate press...

did you get what you asked for?

personally, i think you did...


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beam us up, scottie

time.com has the top ten best star trek moments.

addendum: here's the onion news network w/a report on how trek fans are incensed that the new film makes sense and has good acting:

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questions i'd like the corporate press to ask #1

if cia briefings with certain congressional members on extreme matters of national security (and government sanctioned torture) were so super secret why were staffers invited to go..shouldn't something like that be congressional members only?...and...why did the cia not know exactly when they gave these briefings and to whom?

if pelosi was briefed on torture being done in our names, weren't there other members of congress who were also briefed...why aren't they being asked to come forward with their resignations? were they given the same briefing? if not, why?

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how can this be?

in the land of multimillionaire talk show hosts who can't keep their trap shut about their lovely private planes and multitudinous homes?

santa barbara-area firefighters were using their own money to purchase protective eye goggles during their fight with the jesusita fire.

...erinn lynch, from sbfa’s public relations committee told the independent that due to recent budget cuts to city and county departments, firefighting liaisons were coming to give their latest status updates from the frontlines of the fire with bloodshot eyes. “it’s critical for us to raise money for them to protect themselves while they protect us,” lynch said. she and her group are aiming to raise around $50,000 to purchase this gear.

...their next fund raising event will be their annual fire ball on june 5, and they are
always accepting donations on their website.- sbindy

hey, ms. bigshot "i've got lots of beautiful homes"...instead of spending money giving out coupons for kentucky fried cra*...why not give a little back to those folks who saved your freakin' humungous 23,000 square foot energy suckin' house, eh?

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all that an american needs to know about torture

the 8th amendment in its entirety - short enough that even the evil sadist dick cheney could understand if he wanted to:
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
(emphasis added because republiscum appear to be unable to read.)


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there's shady dealings in all sorts of banks

these days. even "smog banks" involving "little ol' ladies from pasadena".
a former pasadena businesswoman convicted of engineering a fraudulent cap-and-trade pollution credit deal involving millions of dollars and one of the world’s biggest oil companies is at the heart of a congressional inquiry into the government’s latest response to global warming. - pasadena weekly,

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Friday, May 15, 2009

skippy's friday nite music club

otis redding - satisfaction
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happy animal blogging friday

Originally uploaded by Blitzman
or rather happy something other than death and destruction by fire friday
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

skippy's thursday nite music club

one of our all time favs...

the animals - house of the rising sun

we're inclined to declare eric burdon & gang's rendition of this the best ever, tho if you'd like to hear alternate versions, you can check out woody guthrie, leadbelly, joan baez, doc watson & clarence ashley, the beatles foolin' around, bob dylan, nina simone, duran duran, ronnie gilbert (w/fred hellerman & eric darling), odetta, wayland jennings, sinead o'connor, chet atkins (w/mark o'connor & paul yandell), muse (most bizarre), walls of jericho, tracy chapman, cat power, toto, bon jovi, emily marsto, frijid pink, nagy feró & kormorán, dick dale, tommy emmanuel, dolly parton, gary glitter, and spongebob squarepants.
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if this isn't torture we'd hate to piss them off

via newshoggers, we go to george washington's blog to see some of the pictures the obama adminstration doesn't want the world to see...

(warning! not at all pleasant viewing!!!):

(seriously! not safe for work or children or anyone w/a sense of humanity!!!):




newshoggers tells us:

i discovered today that some of the "unsensational" photos obama doesn't want released appeared in the sidney morning herald three years ago.


(click on "related coverage" for photo gallery. 15 pics in all.)

obama just flat-ass lied about the pics being "unsensational". one shows cigarette burns on a detainees back and ass, another has a man with "im a papeist" (sic) written on his thigh in the foreground while two others are naked and hooded. most show detainees who are bloody, battered and burned.
this puts jack bauer in a totally new light...
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marcy makes good

you may remember that marcy wheeler, aka emptywheel, won the hillman award yesterday, and an noi matching grant for up to $5000 of every dollar fdl managed to raise on her behalf:

yesterday, it was announced that marcy wheeler won the hillman award for her investigative blogging. noi said they would match any donation dollar for dollar up to $5000, so we set out to raise $5000. instead, we raised $15,000 -- for a total of $20,000 to the marcy fund over the past 24 hours. woo hoo! many, many thanks to judith freeman and the folks at noi, and to everyone who donated. i've added the total to the thermometer.
who says blogging doesn't pay?

again, congrats to marcy, and kudos to all the firedoglakers for maintaining such a fine blog.
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it's named "mimus polyglottos"...

have i ever mentioned that i do a little drawing from time to time?

here's a drawing of a northern mockingbird i made using colored pencils years ago, some time before i took up political blogging...

mockingbirds have long been fascinating creatures to me...


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one last pick...

i see skippy has returned, so back to nite music club blogging we go. but i did plan to post a music clip when i got home this morning, i think i'll post it anyway. this is from one of my favorite bands, xtc:



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mad about fresh faces

mad kane, that is!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

skippy's wednesday nite music club

freddy fender & flaco jimenez - volver volver

w/special guest willie nelson, who doesn't seem to know the words
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congrats marcy

marcy wheeler has won the hillman award...fdl:

we're really proud that others are noticing the value marcy's work. the new organizing institute, which does great work training progressives in online organizing techniques and runs the terrific roots camps, will match any donation made today up to a total of $5000 to the marcy wheeler fund.

any donation you make today will be matched by noi up to $5000, so for every $1 you give, the marcy fund will get $2. so, if you were thinking of a good way to congratulate marcy on her award and support her ability to keep doing what she's doing, donating today will do double duty.

donate to the marcy wheeler fund
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