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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tea bags in your mouth

via c&l, here's a preview of what might happen tomorrow...

film of a tea bag party in cleveland, last feb.
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What was it that P.T.Barnum once said?

Oh, yeh, "There's a fool born every minute."

Must have about an hour covered with that video.
commented by Blogger Grandpa Eddie, 11:05 AM PDT  
That is sad to me...I cannot imagine reaching those folks with any type of reason...
Hopefully the vitriol they so freely employ will be their own undoing...otherwise they might find ( again) a completely unwarranted amount of influence being within their grasp.
So these dimwits want to teabag Obama? Fat chance on that. Obama seems to me to be far too dignified for that kinda thing. More a missionary kinda guy, if ya know what I mean.

- Badtux the Position Penguin
commented by Blogger BadTux, 3:31 PM PDT  
Thats some Badtux there...

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