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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

swine flu most virual contagen since y2k bug

avoid the flu: don't do what this kid is doing

ignoring the fact that there are 36,000 deaths a year from regular seasonal flu in the us, and that there are apparently only 7 (not 152) deaths from the current h1m1 outbreak in mexico according to the world health organization, the multi-millionaire media has successfully tossed torture prosecution off the nation's agenda w/24/7 scare stories about sneezing.

even worse, crude oil futures prices drop drastically based on swine flu concerns, because pigs drive so much.


addendum: for all things biological, we always turn to mike the mad biologist, who echos our sentiments.
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I was listening to CNN's Kyra Phillips earlier make repeated attempts to get Sec.Villsack to just "admit" that swine flu comes from the various swine farms around the country...
She even wet as far as posing the question to him,"Are you saying that all the various reporters that are making this connection are wrong??"
I would have said ,"Yes, that is what I am saying"...but he did not. He simply repeated his earlier statement that this is an airborne illness and not one you get from eating pork...
But did Kyra listen???
Oh hell no....
So ,...Is the media culpable in the very real pumping up of hysteria??? Absolutely....
AND By The Way...that photo is revolting for all of it's inherent cutesiness... Is that baby licking that pigs nose????

I LOVE that photo... I want that photo...
Irrefutable proof of ground zero for the contagion. That dirty little kid infected Wilbur!
commented by Blogger Mark W Adams, 3:35 PM PDT  
I still haven't had a response from the CDC on this tweet:

"Even pork sushi? RT @CDCemergency: CDC reminds you that you can NOT get swine flu from eating pork. http://bit.ly/16YpY1 #swineflu"

Awesome lol post, skippy!
commented by Blogger Connecticut Man1, 7:16 PM PDT  
Even pork sushi.

As the bio teacher (Phd. Epidemiology) next to me has been telling his kids, this is a respiratory virus. Point to the lungs on a pork chop.
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We may not be able to stop those idiots from mutating virus genes of pigs, chickens, humans, ferrets and what have you. But yes, you can control what you should not do.

The thing is, wild animals receive a bad name for what humans did to farmed animals. Farmed animals, unfortunately get all the blame.

Why do swines have respiratory viruses? Cos they are cramped in a confined small space smelling all other pigs' farts. And humans have the cheek to make the virus bug even worse.

Up your immunity by having enough sun for Vitamin D, and eat lots of fresh fruits and vege. Because when health authorities start gunning down people whom they think should die than to stop spreading (there's no saying if they would do it), you wish your immunity towards the Swine Flu is strong.
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Well...not to judge nutty over sane ...but that seems a bit far-fetched...

Just Saying It...
"As the bio teacher (Phd. Epidemiology) next to me has been telling his kids, this is a respiratory virus. Point to the lungs on a pork chop."

Has the biology teacher next to you read The Jungle?

Where are the lungs on a pork chop? Coating the entire outside ...

Not to feed panic or anything :)
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