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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

how can we miss you if you won't go away?


the closest we can come (w/o actually getting sick) to actually learning about the tea party movement is to read the lefty blogs and their analysis of the underoverwhelmingly huge populist wave that has taken this country by golly storm.

tea parties, for those of you w/real lives and stuff to do in them, are the latest hardly-ever-right wing phenomenae comprised of "protests," showing how much "real americans" are against...well...we're not really sure. we know these parties are heavily promoted by rightist radio (even worse...by faux news tv itself!) and we know a lot of white people (many of them terribly overweight) show up and hold poorly-spelled signs.

but we aren't quite sure why, other than they're pretty pissed that reality is intruding upon their carefully construted libertarian bubble. steve benen @ the washmonthly echos our confusion:
meanwhile, i suspect one of the problems with the tea parties is that it's not altogether clear what they're rallying for. they're conservatives who don't like the democratic domestic policy agenda; this much is clear. but usually there's some kind of point to organized political events, and the tea parties are still a little vague.

i take it they don't like the economic stimulus package, but that's already passed. they don't like budget deficits, unless they're run by republican presidents. they don't want their taxes to go up, but obama has already passed a significant middle-class tax cut, which by most measures, is the largest tax cut ever signed by a u.s. president.

so, angry, right-wing activists are going to get together to demand ... what exactly? a 36% top rate instead of a 39.6% top rate? a $3.1 trillion federal budget instead of a $3.5 trillion budget? it's hardly the stuff of a credible and coherent political movement.

maybe this is just an elaborate endeavor to give fox news something to do on an otherwise slow wednesday?
whatever the motivations, we know that those who intend on gathering on april 15th in cities all across this nation will be ever-vigilant...just in case those evil lie-berals want to mess up their plans! thers, @ whiskeyfire gives us the scoop:
so on the whole, no, i would very much encourage the geniuses behind this national conservative tea-baggery to take to the streets as planned. michelle malkin, however, fears that the left has set in motion a diabolical plot to insinuate certain of its members into the very thick of this public tea-bagging:
for the next 9 days, the left-wing blogosphere and left-wing clueless pundits will hammer away with their unreality-based tea party smears.

and on the ground, the tax-subsidized and soros-subsidized troops are going to try and wreak havoc every way they can. many readers and fellow bloggers have seen signs that acorn may send in ringers and saboteurs to usurp the anti-tax, anti-reckless spending, anti-bailout message.
damn that soros fellow, anyhow! why must he be constantly spending his vast ill-gotten fortune in a secretive and shadowy fashion in order to spread rumors and lies that there is some shadowy secretive conspiracy behind the actions of political opponents? he's always doing that. fortunately malkin is above such tactics, and duly provides proof of the soros-acorn sabotage-scheme, in the form of a link to a blog that links to a message board where a random commenter says that acorn is up to no good. case closed. i mean, obviously this is not just paranoid gibberish; the commenter certainly sounds like she's very calm, collected, and sensible:
groups like acorn and codepink are nothing but anti-american criminal organizations. beware. i just stocked up on pepper spray at http://shop.christmascentral.com/items/item.aspx?itemid=63674 just in case
and, yes, that is a real link to an online christmas ornament shopping site, one that does indeed sell pepper spray, although, regrettably, this pepper spray is not holiday-themed.
it's a revoltution, we tell you! and a literate one @ that....more thers:
anyway, here's some sound advice from the founding bloggers comments on how to keep these acorn goons from getting teabaggers from signing their phony "petitions":
a very good friend of mine had a great suggestion for signing these peitions…let’s all sign…with the name john galt!

while i think this is an excellent idea since john galt is an ayn rand character in her book atlas shrugged that represents the power of the individual — i would like to suggest a twist on this suggestion. what if we all sign the petition barack obama so the connection between obama and acorn becomes more obvious to everyone. what could be more fitting than to advertise that obama supports obama’s agendas listed on the petition? a kind of conflict of interest there — wouldn’t ya think?

oh i’m so torn between signing john galt or barack obama. hmmmmm- now i’m hoping someone asks me to sign just so i can do that. it’s great we are making them into nervous ninneys.
for those of you who preferred dune or lord of the rings for their fantasy escapism during college, john galt is the main character of atlas shrugged, the ayn rand novel about wealthy people being pissed off that society expects them to participate beyond making an obscene profit.

galt has become something of a rallying point for these hardly-ever-right wingers as of late. over @ crooked timber, we learn just how much to heart the wingers are taking ms. rand's immaturity philosophy:
some people are laughing at wingnuts who are ‘going galt’ by signing up for medicare early. me, i think it’s wonderful that the right is discovering the joys of solidaristic (well, sort of) strike action. so much so that i’m asking readers to encourage the leaders of this movement (facebook group1 – i hope but don’t know whether this link will work for everyone) to take the obvious next step.
the ‘go galt, go!’ manifesto

we proudly salute “dr. helen,” glenn reynolds, and michelle malkin, for identifying the only possible response to barack obama’s victory – ‘going galt.’ by withdrawing their creative and intellectual achievements from the economy and stopping tipping waitstaff, the schmibertarian right can surely bring the parasites and democrats to their knees. we look forward to these three thought leaders striking the obvious first blow, by refusing to blog for the ungrateful masses and withdrawing to a secret compound until the world capitulates to their demands! only a universal wingnut blogging strike can bring the moochers to their senses. john galt lives!
so, the hardly-ever-right wing is considering the idea of taking their ball and going home, as dr. mrs. ole perfesser advocates.

but going away galt isn't the only thing the hardly-ever-right wing is shouting from the tree tops advocating these days. more insidiously, several of the conservative talking assholes heads are calling for violent revolution. dougj @ balloon juice:
matt yglesias has a very smart take on what the beck-bachmann-hannity militia stuff is really about, in their minds:
people who believe in violent revolution and the murder of american soldiers and policemen generally, if on the left, appeal to basically anti-patriotic attitudes. which is about what you would expect from advocates of the violent overthrow of the established political order. but the militia crowd exhibits much more the attitudes one would expect from a coup leader—a franco or a pinochet who’s actually appealing to the concepts of patriotism and nationalism as justification for violent revolution.

i suppose there are some different ways of characterizing the asymmetry, but the underlying issue seems to be that rule by conservatives is integral to the right’s conception of the united states of america. this is part of the rhetoric of the “heartland” and “real america”—a period of political victory by a coalition grounded in the coasts and greater chicago is a period in which america has ceased to be herself. thus michael barone:

[t]he republican party is the party of people who are considered, by themselves and by others, as normal americans — northern white protestants in the 19th century, married white christians more recently — while the democratic party is the party of the out groups who are in some sense seen, by themselves and by others, as not normal — white southerners and catholic immigrants in the 19th century, blacks and white seculars more recently.
...to put it simply, in the minds of many wingnuts, a right-wing insurrection would be a restoration. this probably explains why the right is generally more interested in the idea of armed insurrection than the left is (at least in the united states).
as dave neiwert suggests, this sort of revolution talk can only lead to bad things:
we've been reporting for awhile on the surge in gun sales, and how the paranoia around guns is making the more unstable elements of the right particularly edgy. inevitably, that edginess is going to break out into actual violence -- as it appears to have done today.

ironically, this is exactly the kind of incident that law-enforcement intelligence-gathering is supposed to help prevent -- intelligence like the missouri state patrol report so hysterically attacked by these same paranoid right-wingers. i tried to explain at the time that these kinds of extremists are in fact a very real danger to people in law enforcement, but all anyone on the right wanted to talk about was ron paul bumper stickers. well, there you go.
but here's our problem w/this whole plethora of extreme solutions being bandied about by the hardly-ever-right:

ok, they want to "go galt," which, in essense, is to withdraw their services (and presumably, selves) from society and not deal w/the "mess" that the dems/libs/obamas are making of it.

or they want take up arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing them, thus end them.

fine. on paper, at least, both solutions seem to be honest, if extreme, reactions to a world they did not create and do not want. we are not saying we would join them, but the two choices are logical outcomes of their supposed dilemna.

but what we don't understand is why they are choosing door number three: "let's whine about it instead."

for cryin in the sink, what kind of lame-ass movement threatens to withdraw completely or destroy completely, but instead only wears tea bags on their ball caps and write silly signs?

we agree w/hilzoy:
if dr. helen, glenn reynolds, michelle malkin, and the rest of the bloggers who are talking up the idea of going galt had the courage of their convictions, they would make the same experiment. if they don't, it's worth asking why not.

as i said above, the three most obvious answers are: (1) they do not believe that anything they do is in fact creative or productive, or (2) they are urging other people to do something they don't have the guts to do themselves, like scam artists who convince people to invest their money in schemes they themselves steer clear of, or (3) they have not bothered to think about what they are saying, even to the limited extent required to see that there's a conflict between their words and their actions.

i am open to the idea that there's a fourth possibility that i am missing. if so, i hope they'll enlighten me.
how about, they're all crybabies?

works for us.

[ed note: if anyone has the stomach to wander into the lair of comfused motivations and fat white people, the huffington post is looking for citizen journalists to cover the upcoming april 15 tea parties. we'd love to ourselves, but we're washing our hair that day.]

addendum: big thanks to mike of c&l and thers of whiskeyfire for the front page links to this rambling piece!
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we'd love to ourselves, but we're washing our hair that day.]

I'd do it, but that day's whenI scheduled the folks in to clean the fish pond. drat the luck: I scheduled 'em 30 minutes before I hit skippy here. fiddlesticks
Here is my question... "Have youse guys ever done a posting that was Effing longer?????

For the love of Mike (my dog Mike, he likes to be loved a lot)....for the love of Mike... That thing just went on and on... I'm still reading it ...

"showing how much "real americans" are against...well...we're not really sure."

Since I operate on the basic principle of never knowing what or why....does that mean I'm a "Real 'Murican".... please tell me no...please, please.... :))

Seriously...I wuz thinking of going undercover to a couple of those and seeing if there was any cohesiveness or was it just a bru-ha-ha, and general circle jerk...
I mean I'm all for a good jerking...just would like to know why I'm getting it...heheheh
Actually, they Went Galt three weeks ago. Now they're waiting for someone to notice.
commented by Blogger Mentis Fugit, 12:23 AM PDT  
Either these right-wingers have never read "Atlas Shrugged," or they internalized Rand's "This is John Galt speaking" section while reading it and concluded that this made them Galt's kindred spirits. Sure they are -- and if I internalize the Sermon on the Mount, I'll be in the same league as Jesus.

But your description of "Atlas" is a bit off as well, skippy. The captains of industry Galt convinces, one by one, to drop out of society had no problem contributing to society -- hell, that's how they became captains of industry in the first place. Their problem, which they had been dimly aware of for years before Galt got a hold of them and explained it to them in detail, was that they were being exploited not by society, but by parasitic government bureaucracies and individuals trying to make a buck of off their hard work.

The best example of this in "Atlas" is what happens to Hank Rearden, a self-made steel baron. After years of failed experiments, he finally invents a metal which proves to be much stronger than steel. He calls it Rearden Metal. This metal is ideal for building bridges and laying railroad tracks -- not to mention a great contribution to a society in which the bridges and railroads are visibly deteriorating.

Then the government wrests control of Rearden Metal away from him, and uses it to manufacture, among other things... toggle switches. And the bridges and railroads continue to deteriorate.

That's what "going Galt" is all about in "Atlas." These right-wingers don't know what they're talking about. They aren't going Galt. They're staying stupid...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:14 AM PDT  
I was going to say I went Galt several years ago and now Obama is President. But after reading Jim's comment, I don't know what to say.

I assume the tea-bag thing started as a modern "Boston Tea Party", but have they thought about what 'tea-bagging' means??????
commented by Blogger Kulkuri, 7:21 AM PDT  
I had to ask my teenager for the slang definition of teabagging. We laughed and laughed. He asked about the context of my question; I showed him some of the 'go Galt' and teabag party stuff. We laughed and laughed some more. "That's the most boring book I ever tried to read".

commented by Blogger boc, 8:27 AM PDT  
I actually bought the thing new...tried and tried to read it over ...I dunno maybe ten years and finally lost it in a move...

This misapprehension by the GOP bunch is nothing new...they hi-jack a term or phrase all the time and attempt to appear clever and thoughtful...but end by simply looking like crybabies...

Epic, skippy. Well done.
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 11:26 AM PDT  
Skippy, you seem to be saying that members of the Republican Party are in the political game, but that they're not playing with a full deck. Well, okay, I'll buy that.
commented by Blogger Phil, 3:29 PM PDT  
Hey Conservative Republicans, you said we should shut up and follow the President, what happened to the last eight years (2000-2008) of "America, Love it or Leave it"?

twitter: sovereignid
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:24 PM PDT  

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