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Monday, March 16, 2009

couldn't agree more...

gordon of alternate brain commenting on tucker carlson calling jon stewart "kind of a pompous jerk":

kindly remember, repug operative twit boy, that stewart came on your show and called you a dick to your face. he's got more stones than you ever had in your wildest dreams.


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posted by Jim Yeager at 9:58 PM |


That was so funny....I remember Starship Commander Stewart doing that and I laughed and laughed...
Tucker has always been a little bit ferret like in my opinion... And I do believe he has some extreme self image problems... I mean it takes a special kind of neediness to sport a Bow-Tie on National Television...for many years...
Kinda, "Yeah, I said it...what-what ??? ".... a dare to be even good naturedly critical of such fashion conventions...especially when he was simply surrounded by men wearing Ties...
A forlorn and lonely sign of ,"Pay Attention To Me...but on my terms only !! "
Tucker Carlson is still whining because Jon Stewart made him look like an idiot on his own show Crossfire, which was pulled as a result.
commented by Blogger Grandpa Eddie, 6:21 AM PDT  
Ess: I think you inadvertently insulted ferrets everywhere.

Grandpa Eddie: Well, Carlson is an idiot. But I have one personal reason for thinking so. If you're the same age as me and you wear a bow tie, but you don't wait on people for a living, then you look like a friggin' idiot in addition to being one, I am sorry...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 7:23 AM PDT  
sorry...I couldn't remember how to spell skunk...
Essaress, now you are insulting skunks. I would refer to Tucker as a hemorrhoid, that's about as useless as you can get.
commented by Blogger Kulkuri, 11:32 AM PDT  
Hey, I got 'roids....and I sure don't want that twit on my ass!
commented by Blogger Grandpa Eddie, 11:38 AM PDT  

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