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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

you've got to fight for your right to a serious party

skippy has worked w/a film maker, david lasdon, on several projects.

david, a republican, feels (like many of us do) that the current gop has lost its way.

(ok, we feel it's lost its mind, but the general ideas are similar.)

david is in the middle of making a documentary on his travels and travails into the depths of repubbblicanism (he was a delegate to last year's convention) and we admire his on-the-ground grass-roots approach to the problem enough to bring you the trailer for his yet-unfinished work (above).

he's looking for tax-deductible donations to help complete his film. more info can be found @ where's the party?

dave is a good guy and sincere in his concern for his chosen political party (and we believe his concerns to be legitimate).

take a look @ his trailer, and go to his website to look around.
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i wouldn't want to do anything to help his chosen party, however. best to end it. let the good ones start a new party.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:59 PM PST  
I agree...if there are any "good" people left there ,they should pull a "Lincoln" and opt for a new party...
But I cant see it...
Skippy your friend has a daunting task set out there...I like the sound background..well done...it's just the subject matter I could care less about...

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