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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

toss this nut job in jail too

or feed him tons of his own tainted product.

peanut co. owner refuses to testify to congress. peanut co. owner takes the fifth, e-mails show owner told workers to ship tainted products. - ap

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posted by SantaBarbarian at 7:43 PM |


Did You See The NUTS this ass hole had??? Damn ...talk about disrespect of / to Congress...
Why didn't he and said henchman just take a big ol' steamy poo on the table in front of them???
I mean as an answer to the Congressman that asked if they would eat their own products...
You know,...sort of an unass-sailable rejoinder...I mean if there was peanuts..like they were sayin...nevermind...
should be charged with murder. eight people at least died because of this knowing contamination.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:28 PM PST  
just glad the smokin' gun e mails exist. I love that they asked his to eat his tainted product.

Reminds me of Erin Brockovich..... giving the corporate lawyer water, saying they brought it in from the toxic wells.
commented by Blogger Fran, 11:31 PM PST  
I don't begin to understand why things like this aren't homicide under the law. They certainly should be.
commented by Blogger ZenYenta, 2:49 AM PST  
Think salmonella testing is costly, Mr. Parnell?

Try willful stupidity.
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 5:37 AM PST  
When they find him and his cronies guilty of negligent homicide I think they should be sent to prison and be fed peanut butter every single day for the rest of their lives.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:46 AM PST  
All those that knowingly shipped tainted peanut butter and peanut paste should go to prison. I'm sure they could find enough of the recalled peanut products to feed them three meals a day for a long time. Throw them a dog biscuit or two too!!
commented by Blogger Kulkuri, 9:20 AM PST  

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