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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

time is on their side

a big congrats to our good friends @ crooks & liars for being named one of time magazine's top 25 blogs of 2009:

when professional musician john amato launched the crooks and liars political blog in october 2003, it featured something that was quite novel in those ancient pre-youtube days: video clips. today, crooks and liars is among the most widely read political blogs on the web, and amato — now known in blog circles as "the vlogfather" — is recognized as a pioneer of video blogging. the video selections — snippets from government press briefings, congressional hearings and tv talk shows — are the sort of clips that jon stewart uses for fodder, but this is a chance to see the video in its original unintentionally humorous context. amato leans liberal, but his blog is an equal opportunity attack dog, taking a bite out of the crooks and liars on both sides of the aisle.
and the year ain't even over yet!

addendum: and look who gets on time's list of most overrated blogs! can you say "karma"?
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Thanks so much, Skippy. I just spent a delightful hour among those blogs and bookmarked a couple.
commented by Blogger mikeb302000, 3:31 AM PST  
We linked to skippy and C&L for this most auspicious award.

(We have to admit, we never would have found out about it otherwise. time may be on our side, but Time, ehh, not so much.)
commented by Blogger The Sailor, 6:58 PM PST  
Karma.....(no laughing...just a slow smile)

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