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Monday, February 16, 2009

skippy's monday nite music club

from our pal essaress

the moody blues - go now

introduced by dean jones on hullabaloo; watched closely by brian epstein on a stool (@ about 2:30)
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Thanks Roo... I do so enjoy the Moody Blues.... :)
I kept trying to learn the piano part...
commented by Blogger D., 2:34 PM PST  
I had a copy of the 45 back when I was a kid, and it didn't make sense because the Moody Blues I knew of were the 80's behemoth. It's cool to see the video. Thanks.
commented by Blogger Chap, 5:07 PM PST  
They actually released this song under the band name "Blue Jays",...I think this was problematic for them because of the American Group "The Blue Jays"...(an R&B group)...
The next time I saw it was them doing it as the Moody Blues.
Check them out on You tube for an eye opener as to their earlier act...one in France that I had never heard of called "I'll Go Crazy"...it is not what I like so much as something to appreciate for historical worth...
And I think the band members change some too between here and the 70's stuff... I don't remember.
Wow, that was wonderful, Essaress! Very nice indeed.

Cool to see the Moody Blues looking so young and sounding so fine!
commented by Anonymous calgarylady, 7:14 PM PST  
Thanks... they did change but it's okay...I love most of their stuff.
In my opinion, Pink Floyd makes the better music, but the Moody Blues have the coolest name. If the respective groups would trade one or the other, it would be the best of all possible worlds. Oh, well, let's . . . play it again, Sam.
commented by Blogger Phil, 3:55 PM PST  
The original version by Bessie Banks is fantastic. The Moody Blues version is pretty good in a British band covering American R&B vein. I really liked this when it first came out. In fact this is still my favourite Moody Blues song.

The sync is off in the beginning, though.
commented by Blogger Fintano, 2:33 AM PST  

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