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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

skippy's wednesday nite music club

the turtles - happy together
posted by skippy at 11:59 PM |


Made me miss the Fluorescent Leech and Eddie.

commented by Blogger D., 4:30 PM PST  
Me and you and you and me..... ahhhh soo long ago...
I love that song! It's one of the piano tunes I play (badly) in my teeny-tiny musical repertoire.

It's always enjoyable (and, btw, instructional) to see and hear how it should really be performed!

Thank you, skippy!
commented by Anonymous calgarylady, 7:58 PM PST  
Okay cards on the table...who knows what a 45 adapter is???
I had tons of them...anyone else??
Isn't that one of those little round thingies you put on the thingie in the middle of your turntable so you could play a 45?

Mine were always yellow.
commented by Anonymous calgarylady, 8:50 PM PST  
Ahh yes...the "New" yellow ones....mine were red...
Thanks for posting that. I loved it, I just loved it.
commented by Blogger mikeb302000, 4:04 AM PST  

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