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Friday, February 06, 2009

senate to poor americans

"s***w you......bail your own d**n selves out while we just pretend to give a flying rats patootie"

latest cuts to the stim package: head start, child nutrition, food stamps, public transit

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posted by SantaBarbarian at 9:28 PM |


Don't forget the state budget cuts to education, as well.

It sure is easy to tell we've got our priorities straight here in the US of A.

Those priorities just don't include kids or poor people (and definitely not poor people's kids).
commented by Blogger OneCrazyMama, 10:28 PM PST  
Well hell...it ain't called "The War on Poverty" fer nuthin...
Well as St. Ronnie Reagan said "There are no poor people in this country only people who made poor economic choices"
No child left WITH a behind.

commented by Blogger Fran, 10:23 AM PST  
I notice that the Senate bill cut out almost all the funding for education. I guess it's only stimulus if you give obscene amount of money to the rich.
commented by Blogger Kulkuri, 7:50 AM PST  
screw has to be censored ?
commented by Anonymous tonyd, 2:49 PM PST  

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