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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

question for the rethuglicans

if government is so inept and awful....why do y'all want to get and keep jobs in it? oh, yeah...and i thought you said government never created jobs....

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You know I have to link to this.

It's not hypocrisy; it's cognitive disconnect.

commented by Blogger D., 9:38 AM PST  
Every time I hear a republican criticize the government I wanna be like "you ARE the government!!!". I hate the fallacy that the republicans have put on us - that all government spending leads to terror, dismay, and poverty. This country was built on strong government programs! Great new book about the same, about defining the progressive movement and suggestions for the new administration, compiled by the best progressive groups in the country: Thinking Big
commented by Blogger LazySusan, 9:42 AM PST  
I guess it's like my marriage... I am never leaving, I'm hyper-critical, I don't get anything done, and I am not in charge of ANYTHING....
But I do get to be blamed...oh yes I do get that... :))
Now if I could only find out where she keeps her billions and steal them I'd be fine... heheheh
Why do they want to get and keep jobs in Govt? Because govt is inept and corrupt, can you think of an easier way to make a buck?
commented by Anonymous bilejones, 12:32 PM PST  

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