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Monday, February 23, 2009

people are hungry for change....

and just plain hungry.

food stamp delays surge in colorado - denver post

food stamps, fuel requests rise - rocktown weekly, virginia

more floridians get food stamps - pensicola news journal

more texans and oklahomans in need of food stamps - kten, tx

dog food bank opens in clackamas county - oregonian

1 in 5 in la county receiving public aid - pasadena star news

democrats need to start hammering in the fact that awol and his band of thieves (the republican party) are responsible for this economic disaster. and those folks do want "less desirable" (poor) people to suffer.

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Nor is there much talk about food being a problem in households where both partners were working and now because of the economy one of them is no longer employed.
This usually leaves the couple still earning too much money to qualify for assistance but too many debt responsibilities to manage on one income and still eat..
I love hearing "Fiscally Responsible" politicians hold forth in knowing voices about how it would be wrong to help folks who were just plain reckless with their spending and now find they cannot pay their bills...
Just plain reckless...yeah because buying cars never helped Detroit, and buying a home to live never helped the Construction/ Housing industry...so...F*%K those people.. like me and my spouse...
They can just starve.

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