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Friday, February 27, 2009

how tweet it is

if anyone cares, skippy is now twittering.

it's really kind of stupid, if you ask us.
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Can I twitter you instead of asking you?
I mostly twitter only when I realize I'm being an idiot mid-sentence.
commented by Blogger D., 6:55 PM PST  
Twitter can be a good way to meet people with common interests, a quick way to see what people you're interested in are saying, a good way let people know you've posted something on your blog, and a real time waster. :)

Its search engine can come in handy, as well. For instance, you can find out what everone's saying about kangaroos: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=kangaroo
commented by Anonymous Mad Kane, 10:26 PM PST  
You can read McCain's "anti-pork" tweets. Apparently McCain is anti-honeybees and astronomy: http://twitter.com/SenJohnMcCain
commented by Anonymous Mad Kane, 10:41 PM PST  
We're having a civil union debate out here, and all the tweets about it have been tagged with the hash mark #HB444 (the bill number). You can aggregate them using something like TweetGrid. I found that to be very useful when there were a lot of people tweeting about the same thing simultaneously.
commented by Blogger Linkmeister, 10:58 PM PST  
Two more things about Twitter, and then I promise to stop. :)

This is a fun article about a Twitter experiment by NY Times technology colunist David Pogue.

Also (and I know this will appeal to your self-promotional side skippy) some celebrities who are hard to contact directly, let alone hear from via email, read and respond to Twitter Direct Messages and @Replies. For instance, Ron Kuby both Direct Messaged me and posted a comment on my blog.
commented by Anonymous Mad Kane, 12:17 AM PST  
I'd hardly call Ron Kuby a "celebrity."
commented by Anonymous ronkuby, 4:04 PM PST  

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