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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

dr. dean speaks

for me. for us. for healthcare.

"the far right's all out offensive against medical research"...over at the huffypo

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Seriously...what the hell do they think they will gain???
I understand the very real urge to pander to your base...to keep your job,...to impress.
But you know know damn well if one of these Motherf*^%ers gets SERIOUSLY ill, cancer, or some horrifying NEW disease they will be screaming for the latest and newest, groundbreaking stuff that is Only availablr to the Wealthy.
So,...is that IT// Keep good health care and science to yourselves and F*&k everybody Else???
That is pretty damn sad if I do say so...
I like the HCFA plan because I think it's a good transition to public healthcare. The plan is called Health Care for America, it’s a proposal put together by the political scientist Jacob Hacker with the support of the Economic Policy Institute. I’d suggest reading Thinking Big to get a better idea of the plan, but the basic idea is that employers pay money into a public fund, enough to cover their workers. The public fund should have quality coverage for all, including preventive care. Workers get to choose - keep your insurance, choose a different private plan, or join a public health insurance plan without a private insurer middleman, pick your healthcare providers and doctors. Employers choose too. Those who prefer not to shoulder the burden of providing coverage as good as the law requires can decide to enroll their workers in the public plan at a modest cost. HCFA and Medicare would function as a single nationwide insurance pool covering close to half the population. So basically either the public plan attracts most Americans, and our system gradually evolves into single-payer or because the floor prevents a race to the bottom, the public-private competition raises the bar on care and efficiency, improving quality and cutting costs, even in the private insurance plans. The standards would be kept by a strong government watchdog.
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