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Thursday, February 19, 2009

14 kids and delusional mom and a shopping cart

looks like homelessness might be in their very near future.
the whittier house where nadya suleman, the mother of octuplets, and her six other children have been living with her parents is in pre-foreclosure, according to records. - latte times

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They can move the new-borns around in a shopping cart, easy, and still have space left over for the other kids' dirty laundry...

I am not a mind-reader (though I have [layed one on tv; and I stayed in a holiday Inn express once, too), but it seems to me the woman pulled off this stunt to collect on public compassion. Not stupid, but Kray-zeeeee!

We'd adopt out puppies from an endangered litter. Do the same with this woman's kids...
Is she a bit off the beam? Of course.

Did the kids ask for this situation? Certainly not.

I feel sorry for her and for the kids. Mostly, I feel sorry for the kids. But, I do feel sorry for her as well. Really, she does need help, and regardless of whether her decision was foolish or not, I don't think she deserves some of the absolutely cruel things which have been said about her.

I do hope they pull the license of the doctor who helped her with the IVF, though. I would like to see more outrage and disgust thrown his direction.

I sincerely hope she and her children get the help they need. Clearly, she needs psychological help.
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I have spouted off here about this woman, about her actions, about the state of our culture that somehow, someway not only justifies this type of birth...it celebrates it as some sort of heroic action, some Ultra-Human act that demands our collective obesieance.....
I'm just sick of talking about her...you know we will help her and her spawn ...we are a Compassionate people...we really are.
I hope she is not allowed to Profit, to become a Celebrity, to get Rich.
I hope...
But GODDAM !!! I don't want those children to suffer... They have a tough enough road already being her kids as it is.
I hope she gets some help, I hope the Doctor loses his freakin license.
I hope...now lets help....
In Texas they are considering a program allowing hunters to shoot non-native feral pigs whose numbers are exploding and are threatening the land and local resources. Maybe they need to do something similar in California?
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