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Friday, January 30, 2009

while the rest of us suffer a downturn

look who is still raking up those profits.
exxon mobile corp. on friday reported a profit of $45.2 billion for 2008, breaking its own record for a u.s. company, even as its fourth-quarter earnings fell 33 percent from a year ago.

the previous record for annual profit was $40.6 billion, which the world's largest publicly traded oil company set in 2007. - yahoo news and wapo

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It sure is ugly out there. Even if you are employed you are watching co-workers get laid off weekly wondering if your next. A future with the company....the company seems to have no future.
at least learn to spell ExxonMobil before you post a blog. You sort of lose credibility when you do so. Besides, compare 4th quarter earnings to get a better indicator of the business trend.
commented by Blogger Fred, 4:30 PM PST  
If anyone is interested in contacting the Exxonmobil CEO here is contact information
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:39 PM PST  
So that comes to about a 9% profit--and about 4.5% profit after taxes. Far be it for any company to make a profit--or is 4.5% too much?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:11 PM PST  
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