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Sunday, January 18, 2009

scheudenfrade is sweet

we remember how depressed we were when awol was declared the winner in 2000, and again in 2004.

and, god forgive us, we are beside ourselves w/glee in the knowledge that all the hardly-ever-right wingers will be doubly depressed on tuesday.

molly ivors discusses such winger's depression over @ whiskey fire:

so the youngster has spent the last two and a half months eating applesauce and whimpering, by his own admission. he is crushed because he's never lost anything before, because obama turned out to be the real deal, because the inauguration is being (gasp!) covered on tv, because most people are ecstatic, because he and his wingnut friends will have to find real jobs.

i especially like his tacit admission that, had mccain been elected, he would have "obsequiously concur[red]" in everything that came from the white house. instead, he gets to "respectfully disagree," presumably by boogeying down his own bad self to "barack the magic negro" and implying that the new president has, i dunno, shady land deals or dead interns or industry connections or some damn thing.

but at least cupp'll always have the fox news building. "(which, by the way, is the only refuge new york republicans have. walking into fox is like slipping into a warm bath.)" you know, scientologists say the same thing about the celebrity centre in la.

look, kid. american turned away from your way overwhelmingly, and for very good reasons. stupid wars, torture, a destroyed economy, gajillions of dollars just gone missing, outed cia agents, dead americans, dead iraqis... i could go on like this for days, but you get the point. maybe instead of sobbing into your beer you should think a bit about why people are so happy, so optimistic, so ready to roll up their sleeves and bust ass to save our nation and world.

and here's a hint: it doesn't have one goddamn thing to do with you, twatwaffle.
and we must needs stress that the only reason we are feeling so good about others feeling so bad, is because those self-same others, for the last 8 years, have made a point of telling the world how stupid liberals were and how perfect their political agenda was.

so, basically, we are saying: suck on it, wingers. you lose.
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