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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, January 24, 2009

oh, great! now we'll have to change our name!


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the revolution may or may not be televised. it will, however be blogged, and i am totally glib about counting on you for some help there, no matter what you are calling yourself!
commented by Blogger --Blue Girl, 7:36 PM PST  
Well,...You Did Know That... Right ???
wow...so colorful...where can we get the Tshirts ??
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 8:32 PM PST  
hop on with your bad self!
commented by Blogger The Minstrel Boy, 10:43 PM PST  
y'all will always be merkin to me, whatever you do with yer bush.
commented by Blogger Teddy, 12:19 AM PST  
That'll work...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 4:56 AM PST  
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 10:14 AM PST  
That is great! I love it :)
commented by Blogger nunya, 12:44 PM PST  
It has a certain panache and flair ... just like you!

Looking good, my dear skippy!
commented by Anonymous calgarylady, 3:14 PM PST  
Can't you just be a de-bushed kangaroo? Or ex-bushed? Or non-debushified?

I can hardly believe he is gone....It feels so good!
commented by Blogger ellroon, 4:00 PM PST  

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