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Friday, January 23, 2009

get your war off

via galloping beaver, we find that that, as of 1/20/09 the brilliant toon get your war on is no more.


talk about mixed emotions! while we are going to miss gywo immeasurably, the reason for the toon is himself gone, and we are ecstatic!
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The reason for the toon is gone? Do you know something I don't know? Last I looked there were 130,000 troops in Iraq and tens of thousands in Afghanistan and tens of thousands more headed that way, not just with Obama's blessing, but with his active push.
i believe i said, and i quote, "the reason for the toon is himself gone," indicating that the reason for the toon was a person, specifically of the male gender.

now, you can argue that a cartoon about war should be motivated by a war and not a drunked lout of a president, but if you do, please argue that w/the creator of the toon who decided not only when to quit and but also because of whom, and not yours truly.
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