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Thursday, January 29, 2009

be prepared...

to lie. apparently the scouts don't follow their own oath and rules.

for nearly a century, the boy scouts have worn a self-adorned badge as campsite conservationists and good stewards of the land.

"the boy scouts were green before it was cool to be green," said the organization's national spokesman, deron smith.

but for decades, local boy scouts of america administrations across the country have clearcut or otherwise conducted high-impact logging on tens of thousands of acres of forestland, often for the love of a different kind of green: cash.

a hearst newspapers investigation has found dozens of cases over the past 20 years of local boy scout councils logging or selling prime woodlands to big timber interests, developers or others, turning quick money and often doing so instead of seeking ways to preserve such lands. - seattle pi

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Yikes! Things have changed since I was a scout!
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