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Saturday, January 31, 2009

b.a.d. vibrations


zencomix draws a cartoon especially for b.a.d., and encourages you to steal it for your own use

nate @ that's right nate looks forward to feb. 3

as does suze @ two ton green blog

as well as our good friend jill @ brilliant @ breakfast

jurassicpork @ welcome back to pottersville distills our mission statement quite succinctly:

well, actually, this won't be finished until the type a list blogs finally break down and blogroll the two and a half million of us who also have political blogs.
and, william k. wolfrum @ william k. wolfrum chronicles gives us our favorite description of blogroll amnesty day so far:

blogroll amnesty day is a three-day long concert held in the woods of upstate new york. there, like-minded people get together, groove to music, do copious amounts of drugs and learn to live in a communistic setting of peace and sex.

wait, that was woodstock. easy mistake.
don't eat the brown acid, kids.
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