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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, January 31, 2009

b.a.d. days are here again!


yes, once again it's time to celebrate b.a.d., or blogroll amnesty day, for short!

this space, along w/our partners in this endeavor, jon swift and blue gal, are once again rejoicing in the plethora of the cornucopia of the excess of the diversity of diverse voices (and good writing, too!) available in blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase!

there is a long and dark history behind the perverse bitterness motivations that bring us to celebrate this day, which involves the severing of links that had been supporting certain people since blogtopia consisted entirely of glenn reynolds, silfay hraka, and megan mcardle working under another name.

we shall not delve into that morass of exclusion here (and markos and duncan shall remain nameless). suffice to say, if you really want to know the skinny behind why we believe liberals should be liberal in linking policy, please read the origins issue over @ jon swift.

tho the original blogroll amnesty day was first bludgeoned upon bloggers on feb. 3, we are taking this entire weekend thru next tuesday to celebrate, connect, rejoice, and generally extoll everyone to link to each other.

the basic rule for blogroll amnesty day weekend is simply this: take a moment to write a post linking to (and pointing out to your readers) 5 blogs w/traffic smaller than yours. this inclusive and magnanimous yet easy-to-do gesture will not only expose your readers to new voices and those voices to new readers, it will foster a sense of community, support and all-around kumbaya amongst the progressive infrastructure.

tho we are happy to point out, one need not link exclusively to progressive/liberal blogs. we highly encourage you to find a sensible rightist blog and link thereto. (ha! that'll keep ya busy for the weekend!)

now, a word about the parameter "blogs w/traffic smaller than yours." blue gal puts it best:

small and newbie bloggers please be aware of the ironclad rule that you are not allowed to make "hey no blog is as small as mine" jokes regarding blogroll amnesty day. the rule is, straight from the queen of the indy blogs herself (ahem), that you are not allowed to complain or mention your blog's low traffic until you have been posting daily for a year. if you're little, link other blogs that are new or still growing their audience, and encourage them to practice their craft daily. then, show them how.
truthfully. not only is the "there are no blogs smaller than mine" joke unoriginal, it's not funny, and is seriously whiny. unless you have a blog with literally zero traffic, which means that even you don't bother to read it, then you can bet there are blogs with traffic smller than yours. be a mensch. find them. link to them. help each other out.

one two more favors: you may write this post any time during this four-day festivus, but when you do, please forward a link of it to us, and we'll happily include it in one of several posts we'll be doing all thu-out the celebration.

also, if you would be so kind, please include a link to this very blog post in your own. last year we actually got a headline @ memeorandum (here), and, truth be told, we're itching for another.

addendum: heavens, as our saintly mother used to say, we'd forget our own head if it wasn't screwed on! we'd be remiss if we failed to invite you to email us for the codes to the above graphic, available in 5 convenient sizes! (well, actually only 4 of them are convenient).

remember, this is a celebration of each other. w/our new president and the new direction in washington (e.g., away from repubbblican corruption and towards democratic corruption), there's a feeling in the air that it's a new day of cooperation and community all across this land. heck, even the gop voted in a black guy to lead the rnc! the times, they are a'changin'!

let's make that change sweep across blogtopia!

and yes, we coined that phrase!

another addendum: we find that blckdgrd celebrates b.a.d. continuously, by having a section of his blogroll titled "new toys." clever! also, mad kane writes one of her famous limericks about b.a.d.! and if you want a less viciously-personal and more dungeons-and-dragons story behind blogroll amnesty day, harken ye to the tale that shamanaqua weaves...
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Hey all - don't forget that The Mahatma X Files also is participating in this year's B.A.D. (see our post for more details). Like Blckdgrd, we also make everyday a blogroll amnesty day, albeit w/o a section devoted to newly added blogs - a good idea, but we're too busy or lazy to do that.

Keep on keepin' on. ¡Solidaridad!
commented by Blogger James, 10:13 PM PST  
I suppose if you added my face to the image above, she'd have to be the liberte with her boobs hanging out. Nevermind :)
commented by Blogger Blue Gal, 5:24 AM PST  
hi skippy,

here's our link to b.a.d. --

commented by Blogger maru, 8:02 AM PST  
Hi Skippy,

Here's my link to b.a.d. Day One:

I'm not b.a.d...it's just the way I blogroll.

I used the giant graphic, so it's hard to miss.

Ye olde hackenblog.com
Old is right. The Hackenblog will be six tomorrow!
Love the idea, but have an execution difficulty. I'm off in a quiet corner of the blogosphere so it's hard to tell who has lower traffic. Plus, as best I can tell, it might be that most of my links are to even quieter places. (No whine here, my readership is definitely nonzero, even after discounting relatives.)
commented by Blogger Penguindreams, 9:29 AM PST  
Count me in. I will definitely post of February 3. Look for it.
commented by Blogger yellojkt, 10:42 AM PST  
Hey Skippy, I've got a Free Cartoon for the festivities.
commented by Blogger zencomix, 4:35 PM PST  
I'm afraid I wasn't able to follow all your rules, but I made my own list.

commented by Blogger Cujo359, 8:42 PM PST  
Hi Skippy,

Here's today's b.a.d. link

You're a b.a.d. b.a.d. girl. Yay!
Somehow managed to miss this, but I'm in now -- Stop the Press! on Blog Amnesty Day:
commented by Blogger The News Writer, 3:00 PM PST  

My posting is here: http://onyxlynx.blogspot.com/2009/01/bad-to-bone.html. A couple of these I had never seen before; a couple I've been dropping in on for about a year. I think for the next year, I'm going to fool around with random blogspotting.

Good job! And thank you once more.
commented by Blogger D., 3:38 PM PST  
Hi Skippy, here's my celebration - Blogroll Amnesty Day and a Little Linky Love
commented by Blogger LISA EMRICH, 5:08 PM PST  
Hi Skippy,

Here's the Feb 2 linkista

I've got it b.a.d.

Sigh. I had forgotten about http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/, which I had found via three other blogs late last summer.

Back to digging out Important Tax Documents, which prefer, like cats, to hide until ailurophobes come to visit.
commented by Blogger D., 10:10 AM PST  
Skippy, I would be hard-pressed to find blogs smaller than mine! Especially since I cut back dramatically on posting.

commented by Blogger Scorpio, 10:54 AM PST  
commented by Blogger slag, 12:39 PM PST  
Hey Skippy! Found my way here from Tangled Up in Blue Guy and A Blog Around the Clock.

Here's my B.A.D.post!
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