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Thursday, January 29, 2009

b.a.d. days ahead

updated! w/logos! & new jokes!


get ready, blogonauts! (and yes! we coined that phrase, too!)

this upcoming weekend we will be celebrating the second anniversary of blogroll amnesty & blogroll bloodbath anniversary remembrance day!

this year our partner in this endeavor, jon swift, will join us in celebrating this blogtopian-wide holiday all next weekend beginning on saturday.

update: we will officially start on saturday, jan. 31. the original blogroll amnesty day is february 3, but we're calling for a four-day weekend! huzzah!

as you may remember, the modus operandus of blogroll amnesty day is to link to 5 blogs smaller than your own, thus introducing your readers to new voices.

and may we stop all the stupid jokes right here, right now: yes, there are blogs smaller than yours, no matter who you are.

mas update: ok, so we can't even stop the jokes before they start. ergo, we will ammend the parameters: if you really don't believe there are blogs smaller than yours, then in lieu of making the stupid joke that there aren't any, ha ha, please link to five blogs with traffic equivalent to yours (or in the same ball park). as long as they represent new voices (new to your readers, at least), you will have satisfied the requirement. just please don't do the stupid joke!!

uno mas update: we also request that, in your post linking to five other blogs, you also link back to our official saturday b.a.d. opening festivities post, which, in all truth, will probably be posted and available sometime friday nite.

and, if you send us a link to your post, we'll make sure to blog about it here!

stay tuned for further updates and a spazzy snazzy new logo...email us for the code for the logos! three five sizes, no waiting!


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I believe I've disqualified myself from any blog amnesty I may have been entitled to accept or offer.

But you guys go ahead and have fun anyway...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:56 AM PST  
My goodness, how time flies...or has flies on it, I can never remember.

Well, count me in. I'm a believer in big blogrolls. The bigger the better.
Jim, et al,

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

Jim, who knew that 'blogging off' would delete all your and your compatriots' posts!

I used to be smug about it until my HD crashed and I lost all my raw blog materials. And since my site has been on blogger before the blogger 2.0 version I thought I could get them back.

But Nooooo! Every post before Blogger 2.0 has all of our posts under the original owners name. The funny thing is now I can't tell which ones were mine! I guess great minds do think alike.

p.s. Write to Google, maybe they can help you recover them.
commented by Blogger The Sailor, 5:07 PM PST  
Count me in, Skip!
commented by Blogger Carl, 5:45 PM PST  
Of course we're in! And I'm gonna mention Dr Sardonicus 1st! (Tho I may have to check hit counts, he's probably got more than us.)

p.s. For me, it may not be about smaller blogs, just ones that I don't think get enough attention,(I can't be checking all them site meters!)

p.p.s. Every day is B.A.D. at our site. Just like it is a skippy's.
commented by Blogger The Sailor, 9:54 PM PST  
We're in, naturally!
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 11:29 PM PST  
What a great concept.

I will find five small blogs to introduce and make this happen.
What a great concept.

I will find five small blogs to introduce and make this happen.
I'm in, fer damn shure...

I rank 2,522,682 on Technorati. If I can find smaller blogs I will gladly link them...hell, for that matter, I'll link all of you!

Gonna have to clean the place if more people start showing up. Still trying to get the Orc stains off the carpet.

And Skippy... this one's for you.

B.A.D. to da B.O.N.E (Blogs Of Notable Excellence)
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 12:03 PM PST  
Here at The Mahatma X Files, every day is a b.a.d. - I was on board last year, and will be as usual this year.
commented by Blogger James, 12:40 PM PST  
In remembrance of blog amnesty day, skippy the bush kangaroo is at the top of the blog roll at ocprogressive.com
commented by Blogger Gus, 2:57 PM PST  
Moue's in!
commented by Anonymous Brandy, 5:06 PM PST  
I was happy to be a part of this last year and am gonna be this year too. My whole site crashed in October and I lost everything from before that but I am trying to get back there again.
Hard to find smaller blogs than mine but I will if it's possible.
commented by Anonymous Rocky, 5:52 AM PST  
Hi. I originally linked to your NSPD-51 item a few years ago.

I think I truly qualify as a SMALL blog, as my hits are UNDER 20 hits a week. I dont know where to find a SMALLER blog then mine...(sigh)

Choose either my original,
or my 'crunchy' (second depression) blog

Original: markbnj.blogspot.com

discusses: technology, mid-east, general personal shout-outs, corporate greed, etc.

New blog: sos-newdeal.blogspot.com

A blog established 2 years ago that realized we were headed into ANOTHER depression (did you know they called it the 'great war' until the SECOND world war? (think GREAT depression, as opposed to the more accurate SECOND depression we're now in...)

Anyway the sos-newdeal blog covers what I thought (and Obama mostly agreed with) on HOW to get the country Out of the MORASS we're now in.

Sigh. If only other people could see the site!


markbnj at excite dot com
commented by Blogger Markbnj, 8:35 AM PST  
PS: how can I find a blog SMALLER then mine (if mine has 20 visits per week?!)
commented by Blogger Markbnj, 8:36 AM PST  
Dear Friend,

I am the representative of a well-known member of royalty in my small Country and have been asked to reach out to you for help.

My principle has a wealth of one powerful blog with 20 to 30 hits per day and would like to protect this treasure from certain interests that are trying to take all that away.


Please contact me at the below email address so that I may connect with you to protect the interests of my principle and the ability to have a celebration of Blog Amnesty Day. Your kind attendance to this matter is greatly appreciated...
.....How can I find bogs smaller than mine Markbnj asked?

You know that old saying "How many angels fit on the head of a pin"?

Well my blog is that small. You will find it amongst the other blogs that are small. Tiny. Teeny Weeny even.

Blogroll me baby.

However, I cannot blogroll you. You're too big. I have to find somebody my own size.

Much Obliged

commented by Blogger cheyanne, 7:56 AM PST  
This is the first time in my life I yearned to become a blogonaut! Woot.
commented by Blogger Tumblewords:, 1:00 PM PST  
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