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Saturday, January 24, 2009

another crisis for obama to deal with

a chicken wing shortage...just at super bowl time. omg! culinary chaos could reign supreme.
restaurant owners across the country are facing a major dilemma: demand is up for buffalo wings, but supply is low. the lack of poultry is so bad in new york state, some owners are calling for a wing boycott on monday, january 26th - kwes newswest 9

the demand for the spicy little guys is way up but the supply is equally way down, partly because a major source of buffalo wings- a poultry farm in texas- recently filed for bankruptcy, blamed on the economic downturn. so now there may not be enough chicken wings for superbowl sunday. - wpec 12

a poultry producer's reorganization has contributed to a chicken wing crisis ahead of super bowl xliii, suppliers in chicken wing capital buffalo, n.y., say. - marketwatch
now...to put a positive spin on this...it could have been worse. the buffalo bills could be playing in the big game and believe you me...buffalo n.y. without buffalo wings when the bills are playing could get pretty ugy. perhaps they could get jessica simpson to do a public service spot re: this looming crisis as she would gladly give up her share of buffalo wings...as she "doesn't eat buffalo."

i'm sure that the steelers might end up eating cardinal wings, instead.

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I never got the passion for wings, and that sharp sauce is just nasty.
commented by Blogger Scorpio, 1:54 PM PST  

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