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Monday, January 26, 2009

and if finding a job isn't sucky enough

if you used monster.com to hunt for a new job, kiss your privacy buhbye.
last friday, monster.com announced that their database had been attacked, and that account names, passwords, email addresses, and phone numbers had been stolen. unfortunately, they haven't sent out email alerts to anyone—they just put the announcement up on the security section of their site. - consumerist

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I guess the main email address I use is hosed. I am surprised that they didn't email their users about it. I get email from the at least twice a day.
As you say. Add another "this sucks" to the job hunt world.
commented by Blogger fallenmonk, 12:27 PM PST  
Well? Now we might have an idea why they just started an onslaught of adds for their newly revamped site.
commented by Blogger Connecticut Man1, 2:35 PM PST  

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